Unseen 64 Releases Cancelled Superman Game Footage

Factor 5, though now defunct, was one of the more well-known game developers out there, mainly for its development of the Rogue Squadron series of Star Wars games. They also developed a similar game of that kind, Lair, though it didn’t meet the same sort of success.

However, Unseen 64, a website that shows footage from cancelled and unreleased video games, recently released some cancelled Superman game footage, which had been under development at Factor 5 before being cancelled in 2008.

Under the name “Project Blue Steel”, the game was worked on for over a year before its cancellation, and resulted in Factor 5 laying off multiple staff members. Factor 5’s US branch would become defunct a year later.

All of the cancelled Superman game footage was supposed to be for the game, which would have been released on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and the Wii. It was supposed to be a tie-in game for the sequel to Superman Returns, a 2006 Superman movie that, despite having talks of a sequel, never got one.

The cancelled Superman game footage showed an open-world game, where Superman would have been able to fly around and fight multiple Superman villains including Brainiac, Darksied, and other DC Universe characters.

Unfortunately, with the cancellation of the Superman Returns sequel, development of the game eventually fell apart, and the game was cancelled, especially when Brash Entertainment, which had been funding Factor 5’s development of the game, declared bankruptcy after a stream of bad business decisions dried up Factor 5’s funding.

So, instead of the game that the cancelled Superman game footage shows, we were stuck with the lackluster Superman Returns video game, which released in November of 2006.

We’ll unfortunately never know whether the game would have been good or not, but Unseen64 has posted an in-depth video of the saga of the game’s development, which can be seen at the top of this page.

Instead we’ll have to be content with the Batman vs Superman movie, which will come out this Thursday.

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