There Are More Worlds In Kingdom Hearts 3 We Don’t Know Of

Kingdom Hearts 3 by Square Enix is being awaited now for quite some time while a lot of new information keeps popping up the fans are still limited in how the game will be overall. Very recently at the D23 Expo held in Japan unveiled some more interesting information and turns out that there are still some worlds in this upcoming RPG that have not been announced.

At the recently held Expo in Japan, Square Enix showed off a “making of” video regarding the game behind closed doors and developers from the team have given some really interesting information. Among some of the details revealed the most captivating is that there are still some worlds that are yet to be revealed by the developers.

The director of the series Tetsuya Nomura said that “there are still more unrevealed worlds” while he also hinted that there is this one world that is very distinct from other worlds. So, for now, we can be sure that there are going to be more worlds as well as a unique world in the game Kingdom Hearts 3.

The game’s co-director, Tai Yasue said that this game is slightly different than other games or what fans may be expecting. All the while this does not mean that it will not be loved by the fans. The co-director has also said that each world is vastly different from the other and on top of that he also said that his personal favorite one has not yet been announced so keep your fingers crossed.

The news of the more worlds to be announced was not something that fans had not been expecting because after the D23 took place some references surfaced before it got streamed. We already knew then that the director Tetsuya Nomura said that the game Worlds will be really unique.

That said let us hope they are because with all this hype focus set on new unique and distant world a lot of expectations are now set.