Unofficial Pokemon Sun and Moon Amiibo Spark Speculations Again

How nice would it be if these Pokemon Sun and Moon amiibo were to become the official amibo for the games! Game Freak listen to us!

It has been a long time since discussions over possible Pokemon Amiibo were started, back in June last year rumors even suggested that Nintendo plans on releasing amiibos for all 700+ Pokemon that have been released. Now, Pokemon Sun and Moon amiibo rumors are exciting everyone all over again.

Although Nintendo has yet to reveal anything, fans are going crazy about these new Pokemon figures that have been created by a fan over at Instagram. The artist who has made these amiibos is Ganda Kris, a girl from Chicago, Austin.

And boy do they make us want to have these officially!

Kris had been sharing pictures of her work in progress and finally shared the Pokemon Sun and Moon amiibo below that features all three of the starter Pokemon.

The possibility of amiibo support on latest Pokemon games has been discussed a lot already, and why wouldn’t it; Pokemon games are all about catching and collecting in-game Pokemon while amiibo support is all about collecting toys that help you rack up on your in-game characters. It is a perfect match.

Needless to say, amiibo support on Pokemon Sun and Moon would also boost sales on both the games because of the similarity.

While Pokemon Sun and Moon amiibo support is one of the hot topics, the other one is about the world that we are going to visit this time: Alola!

The map is based on Hawaii, which is basically an archipelago of eight islands although what we have been shown is just one.

We have done a breakdown of the map here, check it out for some solid predictions. Oh and we are just a couple of days away from more official news on the game.

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