How to Unlock the Dancer Class in Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses has several events that you can participate in, earn class achievements, and improve the stats of your character. Most of these events are unlocked and accessed during the main storyline while others are hidden within specific paths and other events. Dancer Class is one of these. Our Fire Emblem: Three Houses Dancer Class Guide will walk you through unlocking the Dancer Class and the perks that it entails.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses Dancer Class

To unlock the Dancer Class, you must participate in the Dance Event that occurs through the storyline. This happens in Chapter #9 where you are given the choice of entering a Dance Competition in the Monastery premises. Entering this event will allow you to unlock the Dancer Class.

Unlocking the Dancer class allows you to go to the dance practice regularly. This help improves the class of your character and makes them even stronger.

Alongside that, the Dancer class entails a strong sword ability for the character that enters the dancer class. Dancers may also inspire allies to take voluntary actions and may wield magic as well.

When choosing a character for the dance event, remember to choose the one that you want to enhance using the Dance class, as only the one character that participates in the event will have access to the dancer class and none other.

Remember that winning the dance event depends upon the charm rating of the character. The more charming the character, the greater are your chances of winning.

Talk to Manuela before the event to get an idea of how much Charm rating you need to win. Winning the competition will grant your character +5 Charm rating.

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