How to Unlock Hidden Modern Warfare 2 Game Types

With hackers having already unlocked dev console in Modern Warfare 2, they have now started unleashing the hidden secrets in the MW2 game code.If you remember, IW is supposed to release few paid DLC content for Modern Warfare 2.

Which will be released in the coming days /months may be. But what makes this story interesting is, will some one pay for content that is already present in the game code ? all the developers have to do is unlock it.

There is lot of hidden game content already present in your Copy of Modern Warfare 2, all you need to do is unlock it. This story arose from the official IW forums, where a user posted a tutorial on how to unlock these hidden game types.

The post has been deleted as it was obvious, they would delete it because it can only be unlocked by using dev console which is originally not present in the game but actually is.

Hidden Game Types in Modern Warfare 2

Global Thermo Nuclear War

This game mode is more like capture the flag, but the flag is replaced the nuclear bomb. Once you capture the bomb it detonates and you win.

One Flag
In this game mode, their is one flag in the middle of the map which you will have to capture and bring it to your base before other team does.


VIP Mode
If you remember the MW2 single player once you defended a VIP ? a black suite half dead nerd, Yeah its that one. One team’s objective will be to defend the VIP and other team will try to kill him.

Unlock Hidden Game Types in Modern Warfare 2

Step 1
Download and activate console hack, you can follow our tutorial on how to enable dev console in MW2.

Start a private match, preferably using the console.

Once you are in the game, enter one of the following commands in the console.
“/set g_gametype gtnw”
“/set g_gametype oneflag”
“/set g_gametype vip”

Play the game. If you somehow can’t enable these game types, try restarting the map using console. “/map_restart”.

If you found anything interesting in the game code, that is a big “IF” while you were just playing with Modern Warfare 2 Dev Console. Do share and suggest your discovery in comments.

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