How to Unlock Fast Travel in Far Cry New Dawn?

Far Cry New Dawn’s map is actually based off Far Cry 5, both in terms of plot and literal size. It is still Hope County, just with a makeover.

Players who have played Far Cry 5 will also know how big that makes the map, so you will definitely be taking time to get around. To help with that, here is a Far Cry New Dawn Fast Travel Guide on how to unlock Fast Travel in FCND.

How to Unlock Fast Travel in Far Cry New Dawn?

The ability to Fast Travel in FCND is actually locked behind an upgrade.

Once you get through the initial mission and properly gain your bearings, you will notice that there are several Fast Travel icons on your map, but they are grayed out and inaccessible.

Unlocking them is done by acquiring the upgrade called “Expeditions”. You can find this upgrade behind “Prosperity Homebase”. This upgrade can also be unlocked from “Homebase” category of the “Character” menu.

Meaning you do not necessarily have to make that trip to Prosperity just for the upgrade. Another thing worth noting is that the upgrade is purchased by *Ethanol*.

You can purchase the Expeditions upgrade for 75 Ethanol. Although this is only actually the first level of Expeditions, this upgrade basically allows you to Fast Travel to any *Outposts* that you have liberated.

After upgrading Prosperity Homebase itself, you can purchase the next Expeditions upgrade with 125 Ethanol.

This one allows you to Fast Travel to literally any location that you have discovered. This becomes very useful when you really need to get to a specific spot.

The third and final upgrade for Expeditions can be unlocked later in the game, this ability allows you to air drop to whichever Fast Travel location you select.

Make sure you have unlocked the wingsuit by then! So that is how to unlock Fast Travel in FCND.

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