How to Unlock Days Gone Secret Ending

Days Gone has a nearly 30 hour-long campaign. During these 30 hours, you’ll face Freakers, bandits, and numerous enemies until you reach the ending. There’s a Secret Ending in Days Gone that you can miss if you aren’t careful enough. However, before we begin, do note that the guide contains spoilers.

Days Gone Secret Ending Unlock

After the credits finish rolling, you return to the in-game world and have to keep busy for a little while. This can be speeded up by fast traveling and doing side missions.

Eventually, you’ll get a message from the NERO scientist named O’Brian to meet up and the mission “There’s Nothing You Can Do” will begin at the Old Pioneer Cemetery.

Head over there, talk to O’Brian, and you’ll receive the biggest twist in the story.

Afterward, you’ll also unlock the crafting recipe for a secret weapon that uses the Days Gone IPCA Tech you’ve collected and a Finding NERO Custom Days Gone skin for your bike.