Underworld: The Shelter Guide – Resources, Residents Ranking, PVP Tips

Underworld: The Shelter is an Android game and the story continues after the nuclear war. It is a survival game in which all resources have been damaged and areas have been destructed due to the war.

Due to the radioactivity effect, we have to make a shelter in the basement. New and more uncontaminated sources and facilities are to be made in the game.

Underworld: The Shelter Guide

After starting the game, you have to select an area to explore and then have to select a resident to explore that area.

As the resident moves out of the shelter, his HP starts to decrease due to the radioactivity in the atmosphere so explore as much as you can but return back to the shelter before your HP ends.

Because the game is all about exploration, a way to stop your health from decreasing is to kill all enemies. It will reduce the amount of damage you are taking and you can take more time to search the area.

If you kill the boss, you will also be given a challenge that will provide you with rewards after you complete it. Your residents will rescue mutants too which either you would have to cure or will be cured by time and then they will turn to residents.

After exploring the area, the resident will re-enter the shelter with the resources.

1. Resources and Loot

When you’re exploring the enemy areas, you can find stuff like health, gold, mutant crates, coins, cube, equipment crates and much more. Your Loot upgrades as your rank increases and items keep getting better.

2. Cubes

Your cubes are your premium items which should not be used up for stuff like increasing your health or unequip your weapons but for mutant crates and upgrades.

3. Ranking the Residents

The rank of your residents increases when they go out on expeditions. However, another way to increase the rank is to click the coins and the resident and his rank will increase.

You can also deploy the resident that will also make him explore upgraded stuff.

4. Sacrificing Residents

You can sacrifice your residents for which you will be granted points and a special reward. However, before banishing the residents to check their level by clicking the lock icon so you don’t banish a resident who’s important for your game.

5. PvP

The game can be played as PvP where your top five residents are going to invade the enemy areas to where they are going to defeat them and then subtly strip them from their resources and coins and it will increase your rank.

However, beware of the consequences if you lose because then your rank will fall and you will lose the coins used in that battle search.

6. Repeat Areas

You can always go back to the areas and collect more resources from that area and can complete challenges for special rewards. You will need more items to upgrade your facilities.

7. Residents

To keep your residents satisfied and happy, give them the job of their liking. Take care of them by keeping their health and aptitude in check.

8. Auto-Explore Mode

There is an auto-explore mode that you’ll gain after you kill the boss in the final stage. Now your residents will explore and collect the resources on their own.

However, for this mode, you have to have fuel that you get when you give out useless items and your fuel will be recharged.

With this, our guide is finished, covering almost every basic thing you need to know about playing the game. The game is very interesting and an easy and fun way to pass your time.

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