Understanding Warhammer: End Times Vermintide Enemies

Those who have played Warhammer: End Times Vermintide will no doubt agree that there is an amazing variety of enemies in the game, each type of rat has its own strength and weaknesses for which the players need to be ever ready to adapt their combat style.

This guide should help not only newcomers but also those with prior experience to learn more about their enemies as well the weaknesses.

The rats, known as Skaven are ruled by a Council of Thirteen that comprises of the 12 most powerful Skaven lords titled “Lords of Decay”

Skavenslaves are the lowest ranking among all Skaven and are pretty much only used by the Council for suicide tasks. During battle, their vast majority is the only strength they have since their weapons and armor are useless.

Usually indicated by the sound of a horn, Skavenslaves charge players as a horde or ambush them in areas in which cases it is best to stick together and help other players.

Clanrats make up the bulk of Skaven army and are among the most common enemies players will face. They are equipped with rags and low quality armor as well as worn down swords, knives and other weapons.

Like the Skavenslaves, Clanrats attack in great numbers but also have more damage and armor. They have coordinated attacks and try to flank players from all directions.

They bolster each other’s aggressiveness by chanting so it’s best to stick together against them and quickly decrease their numbers to make them weaker.

Wearing heavy armor and helmets, Stormvermin are the elite fighting force of the Skaven armies. Carrying halberds, Stormvermin are extremely deadly in one on one combat as they always mix up their attacks, switching from stabs to swings and also block and parry player attacks.

Stormvermin also improve Clanrats effectiveness and rally them to certain locations. Atleast two players should be fighting a single Stormvermin from different directions with armor piercing attacks to ensure they are taken down quickly.

Stormvermin Patrol
Since fighting a single Stormvermin is quite a challenge, it’s best to make use of the unique gameplay mechanic when it comes to Stormvermin Patrol.

The patrol is the only enemy type in the game that can be avoided so the best way to survive against them is to simply sneak past them.

However, if players do end up engaging them, the same tactic as a single stormvermin applies although the encounter will be much more difficult when facing an entire group.

Packmaster’s try to flank the players and distract them from the battlefield by either luring a single player to a side or letting them drop their guard so that other Skavens can land successful attacks.

If caught alone by a Packmaster, a player unless quickly aided, will die real soon. Armed with a polearm to strangulate and incapacitate players, a packmaster will catch a player with the jaws of the polearm and try to drag them away from other players.

Once away, they will simply hang the player and kill them. To ensure this doesn’t happen, players need to keep an eye on their party and if someone gets dragged, best solution is to attack the Packmaster with ranged weapons instead of chasing after it.

Gutter Runner
Gutter runners are stealthy enemies and move through the shadows, though they are not armored. Armed with glowing Claw weapons, they tend to ambush lone players and knock them on their back followed by a finisher.

Best way to avoid them is to stick together and immediately rush to the aid of party member under attack by Gutter Runners. Attacking these Skavens will force them to roll backwards and disappear in a cloud of smoke.

Poison Wind Globadier
These elite soldiers move with a lot of noise due to their heavy breathing apparatus and poison tank on their back. They prepare globes of poisonous gas to throw at enemies from a distance which upon impact, daze and damage players caught within the fumes.

Whenever players are up against these, it is best to take them out real quick and ensure that players stay away from them at all costs because after suffering heavy damage, Globadier’s become suicide bombers and rush the players only to explode near them if not killed in time.

Ratling Gunner
While extremely slow due to the weight of the massive Ratling Gun they wield, these enemies can prove to be quit deadly thanks to the extremely high rate of fire of the gun.

Once they have a player in sight, they will continue to shoot until either the player is dead or the weapon needs reloading.

Like the Globadier, Ratling Gunner is also capable of friendly fire so nimble players can use them to kill other enemies by luring the incoming bullets towards other Skavens and then dodging out of the way.

They aren’t heavily armored so killing them with ranged or melee attacks shouldn’t be a problem if players use cover properly.

Rat Ogre
Rat Ogre, as the name suggests, is a hulking death machine that’s almost twice the size of a human.

They occasionally charge players, causing the ground to shake (which should be a good giveaway if players aren’t facing them) and unless the charge is avoided, the player is caught in the Rat Ogre’s grasp and subjected to giant claw attacks.

If they for some reason don’t shred the player, the other recourse is to throw them flying into other players or towards some wall; the end result in both cases is just as devastating.

Since the Rat Ogre is a mindless brute focusing on one player a time, it should be easier to outsmart and players can spread out and focus fire on it while constantly moving and kiting to avoid its attacks.

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