Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 4 The Western Ghats Walkthrough

In this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy the Western Ghats Walkthrough, we will walk you through the fourth chapter of the game. Continue Chloe’s journey as you explore three fortresses in this chapter.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 4 The Western Ghats

In the Western Ghats, there are four chapters in total. Three are story related while the last one is optional. There is no compulsion regarding order so you can pick any ruin that you would like to finish first.

To start, head towards the tall tower in the middle, which is marked on your map. Scale the tower and once inside you will find four doors.

Each door will be marked with a symbol, which corresponds to the symbols on the disk. To get back down, use the elevator in the middle.

Get in the car again with Nadine and head to the ruin of your choice. We have explained the walkthrough to all the fortresses below.

Parashurama’s Bow
For this fortress, you must head to the southwest corner of the map. Enter the fortress through the door to the left side. It will be near the waterfalls.

If you are using the bridge, you will find it very easily. As you head there, you will see one of Asav’s trucks.

Quickly grab the winch and break the door. Enter the ruin, take a right, climb the short wall, and get to a higher platform. The wall has two ridges and you need to jump to them. Climb up and two soldiers will start attacking you. Get rid of them as quickly as you can.

Once you are done with them, climb to the top. You will be attacked by another soldier at this point, continue to the top once you’ve dealt with the soldier.

Reach the top, and jump across to the other side of the gap. On the staircase, when you get to the broken part, use the rope to get to the ledges on the other side.

After you reach the area ahead, you will see that Asav’s men are there already. Wait until you reach a good cover area before you actually start engaging them all.

You can use a grenade to eliminate people on the right side, which will still keep you hidden from the rest of the enemies.

If you want to complete this area with stealth then you must find a stealth pistol first. Continue sneaking along the right side of the area to the bridge. Here you will find a locked crate.

Unlock it and you will get a silenced pistol. Get the gun and this will help you out a ton with a stealthy playstyle.

There are 10 enemies in the area scattered all around the area. Work your way from the outside to the inside, taking out one enemy at a time.

If things get out of hand, use cover and try not to be pinned by the enemies.

After you are done with all the enemies, head to the taller tower of the arena and use the wheel to open the gate. Nadine will cross the bridge before and just like before, the bridge will collapse.

You will have to find another way to reach Nadine. Swing to a lower ledge using your rope and walk to the back. When you reach the back of the cliff, you will find some ridges, climb them and get to the top. Once up, jump between the pipes and climb the ridges on the next side to get back with Nadine.

Climb the staircase and you will end up facing a puzzle. Use the disc and turn each of the three rings until they form a bow and arrow. Arrow will be pointing towards Chloe. When you are done with the puzzle, turn the mechanism with Nadine, and voila! That’s it for the first ruin.

Ganesh’s Trident
This is another fortress that you need to visit in order complete the chapter. This fortress is more focused on gunfire rather than climbing. Enter the fortress and drop down in the grass.

This is the main area of the fortress. Here you will have around 10 Asav’s men to deal with. There is plenty of cover here so you can go all gun’s blazing.

Try not to be pinned down and you will be fine. Your only problem here is the sniper, which is hiding across the arena.

Take your time and clear the area. Once you are done with the combat, go towards the back of the arena. Cross the crate and you will find a locked door with five spokes. Your next task is to open these five spokes with five wheels hidden in the area.

The first wheel is behind the crate you just passed. Next, climb the structure right next to the wheel. You will find the next wheel on its top. After it is done, look for a beam close to the wheel.

Head across it and you will end up on a platform that has two beams. On your right, there will be a structure that is ‘L’ shaped. Inside it, you will find another wheel.

Head to start of the area now. Two wheels are there, one is located behind a pillar by the tall grass and the second one is located on the bigger building with beams coming off it right next to the purple tree.

Head back to the wheel and turn it to open the door. Behind the door, there is a pedestal with a moveable dial.

Complete the puzzle by creating an image of a trident with the tip pointing towards Chloe.

For the third ring, you must first align the other two with each other and then change the active dial once to get back to the outer ring. Push the device inside when you are done and the water will activate.

Once you are done, some more enemies will attack and you will need to take care of them. We will recommend that you use stealth and avoid them altogether. If you want to fight, stock on ammo and head out to take the enemies.

Kill the enemies in the area quickly because once you reach the exit area, you will have to face a sniper and 2 heavies with shotguns. Kill them all and you will be done with the fortress.

Shiva’s Axe
Shiva’s Axe is the most difficult out of all three fortresses. When you arrive at the fortress, you will need to use the winch to take down the doors.

Go inside and observe the statue of Sala and the tiger. After you are done, head ahead and start climbing the stairs.

When you try to jump across to the opposite side, the ledge will break sending you down into the river. Swim towards the waterfall and enter the room located just next to it.

You must be very quick here and jump to the other side. Climb up the ledge and grab the piston. Jump up further and continue forward on the main path. You will reach another piton-able wall up ahead. Drop down here, swim through the cave and you will face another gunfight here.

Use the structure in the middle as a cover and take out all of Asav’s rebels. If you are hurt, jump back in the river and head back until you ready for more action. Kill all enemies including the heavy. Once done, climb the wall via different piton-able spots and ledges. Next room has your first of the three jumping puzzles.

To solve the puzzle, you need to pull the lever stand on the tile by the gate to set the puzzle. Follow this sequence exactly as they are to solve it:

Forward, Forward, Right, Left, Forward, Back, Forward, Left, Forward, Forward

After this, you must jump to the staircase, outside this room take your photo at the scenic spot and head forward to the next puzzle room. For the second puzzle, you need to follow this sequence:

Forward, Right, Left, Forward, Left, Forward, Left, Right, Forward, Forward

Again, climb the stairs and head towards the final jumping puzzle. For the last six statues, you need to follow this sequence:

Forward, Forward, Right, Left, Right, Right, Forward, Right, Forward, Right, Forward, Left, Left, Right, Forward, Left, Forward

Now that you are done with all the jumping puzzles, it is time for the final puzzle. This time you will need to make Shiva’s Axe. Top of the axe points toward Chloe.

This time, all three of the rings will move together. Try to line up each part with the ring before you try to line up with the image. Once done, now try to line up the image with the rest of the pedestal.

Push the device in and the waterfall will activate when you turn the device with Nadine.

Head down the stairs and keep walking straight down the hill. Use the piton and drop down. Once down, use your rope to swing over the muddy hill and then slide down to the jeep.

Once you are done with all three fortresses, you can either explore the area more at your will or continue with the story.

To continue the story, dive towards the massive wall where all waterfalls are now activated.

A cut scene will start and when it ends, open the doors with Nadine and continue on to the next chapter and leave behind the Uncharted: The Lost Legacy The Western Ghats.

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