Uncharted: The Lost Legacy The Insurgency Walkthrough

We have curated this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy the Insurgency Walkthrough Guide for you so you can finish the game easily and know all the secrets and puzzles that the game has.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy the Insurgency

Finding the Truck
The game starts with the scene where Chloe Frazer is shopping for clothes while waiting for a ride across the river. She meets a young girl who tells her about the strife going on in India.

During this conversation, Chloe spots the truck that she needs to get into to cross the river.

When the scene is over, start walking to the market and head towards the pottery stall around the corner.

Once there, take a photo to see the truck pull up and continue to chat more with the girl.

After this, continue through the crowd on the left and the girl you left behind will steal Chloe’s Ganesh.

Keep on going through the market and find the marked spot by the purses that you need to get to, to see the truck again. When you find it, go there and spot the truck again.

Continue and pass through the gate, which will lead you to the truck. When Chloe will try to leave, the girl stops and warns her of the danger. Later, they both make a deal, for when Chloe returns.

Chloe will immediately turn around when she tries to leave after getting frustrated by the guards.

The girl seeing this quickly goes to the guard and distracts the patrolling man, which in turn gives Chloe a window to make a run for the truck.

Run towards the back of the truck and board the truck. It will take you to the next section of the chapter.

Accessing the Roof
When you have reached your destination, Chloe will exit the truck and she will find herself in a dark war zone.

Now, she must reach a red door. Walk through the streets and continue until you find the checkpoint. When you try to pass, you will be stopped.

Continue through the streets until you find the red door past a fence. Walk away from the light that is coming from the truck and continue down the street.

You will see a rat run into a crawlspace. Follow the rat into the crawlspace. Turn the corner on the right and take cover when you see the two soldiers up ahead.

Wait until one of them approaches the barricade and use stealth attack to take him down.

Now you must vault over the barricade and take care of the other soldier standing in the dark in the next alley to the left. After he is out, you need to climb up the board.

You will spot the red door at this point. Wait until the man is finished pulling the body away from the door.

Once he is out of sight, head to the door and unlock it by finding three right points on the lock. Once inside, Chloe will receive instructions to head to the roof. Jump into the pit that is full of water.

Some guards will appear, wait for them to pass and then climb the stairs up and keep on going until you reach the blue door.

Be careful when you pass through the door because a soldier with a flashlight will appear not too far ahead. You need to get behind the next wall as soon as you enter the door. If you are too slow, the guard will find you.

There is more than one guard in this room, proceed with caution, and use stealth to take them all out.

You do not have to take them all out. You just need to get to the stairs so take out all those who come between you and the staircase.

One option is to take out two in the entry side, climb through the broken wall and run for the stairs. This way you will have to deal with the minimum number of guards.

Once at the top, pass through the laundry located on the rooftop. See the following cut scene and then turn left and head towards the ladder, which is lit. Climb it and then drop down on the roof.

Here you will find a pink lotus. When you reach this point, Chloe will get a text telling her about the change of plans about the meeting.

At this point, it will be too late and you will have to escape off of the roof after taking out the guards.

At this point, start running towards the pink lotus sign and Nadine Ross will appear. She will help you beat up the guards.

Defeat everyone and talk with Nadine. She will explain all about the target. Once done, take your photo at the pink lotus and head on to the next chapter.

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