Uncharted: The Lost Legacy The Great Battle Walkthrough

In this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy The Great Battle Walkthrough Guide, we will walk you through each sequence of the respective mission. Continue Chloe’s journey by solving the shadow puzzle, and getiing out of the fight with Asav alive.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy The Great Battle

You will start the chapter with a beautiful view. Follow the path until you come to a broken staircase again. You need to climb to move ahead. On the right side, drop from the ledge and you will see a rope spot, which you can conveniently use to get across the water.

Head to the far side of the island. Here, take a photo and turn right. You will find some ledges on the adjacent structure.

Climb up using them, there is also a piton spot here. Keep on climbing until you come to another rope spot.

Use it to swing over to the massive statue’s hand. Continue your climb upwards.

Keep on climbing up and you will end up on the second statue. During your final ledges on the first statue, one ledge will crumble and you will have an optional conversation moment.

On the second statue, you will have to use your rope to swing towards the bottom of the statue’s axe.

Keep climbing using ledges. On the axe, you will break a ledge and fall down a few feet. Nadine will help you get back up. Once at the top of the axe, take a photo of Nadine.

After the photo, you will need to use your rope two more times to get to higher ground.

Your climb will continue until you reach the hole located almost to the top of the statue.

Enter while talking with Nadine and the inside will be pitch black. Descend to the toppled statue of Ganesh using your rope and then descend to the ground using the rope.

Next, you need to find the hole to the right of Ganesh’s statue. Its entrance will have a few lily pads around it. Go through the hole with Nadine. There will be a door here also but it will be locked.

Now, enter the dark ruins and you will end up at another locked door with wheels. Open this door and enter the lit room. After your chat with Nadine, climb up the ledges on the wall, which has the long window at the top.

You will have to fall into the next room and walk up the stairs to get to the next room. Continue by pushing the skeletons out of the way. Enter the next room and get ready for the puzzle awaiting you there.

Shadow Puzzle
You will find a device in the next room, which must be solved. Four figures also rise from the water.

To solve this puzzle, you need to line up the shadows with their images on the walls. Left ones are Shiva, the axe and Parashurama and right ones are Parashurama, Ganesh’s severed tusk, and Ganesh.

The grid is 3 x 3 and has four pieces that you need to align so that the door is unlocked. Distance from the wall is very important. Use the following steps to solve this puzzle.

Move 1: From the starting position, Move the Ganesh piece toward the Axe using the lever, close to the painting that depicts Ganesh’s tusk being cut off.

Move 2 and 3: Push the Axe piece toward the Shiva piece using the lever closer to the entrance on the right. Afterwards, push both the Axe and Parashurama pieces toward the tusk chopping painting by using the middle lever on the left side nearest the entrance to the room.

Move 4 and 5: Push the Parashurama piece down away from the axe gifting painting so that it is next to Ganesh. Then, push the Ganesh and Parashurama pieces toward the entrance corner with the bottom lever by the tusk chopping paint.

Move 6 and 7: Push the Shiva piece toward Ganesh. Then, push the Ganesh and Parashurama pieces to the right back toward the tusk chopping paint.

Move 8: In the end, push the Parashurama piece back toward the axe gifting painting to complete the puzzle.

You have solved your puzzle.

Asav’s Assault
After this, you have successfully solved the puzzle. Head to the next-door, insert the disk in the contraption in front of the statue and watch the cut scene that starts.

After the cut scene finishes, you will get to know that the tusk is in another capital.

The old elevator gives out just after this but it gives enough time for Chloe and Nadine to escape. Climb the wheel until you cannot climb on the same side, jump onto the other side.

Keep climbing until you reach the top of the wheel and then jump to the staircase. Climb the staircase and run up. Jump to the loose statue and climb quickly to Nadine otherwise you will fall down.

Crawl out from the crumbling temple with Nadine and you will see that the waterfalls are gone.

Aqueducts are now active and your adventures can now continue. Keep following Nadine and soon you will spot two or Asav’s men just as you leave the statue.

You can easily take them out because they do not know of your presence as of yet. Do not wait for too long or Nadine will make the first move.

Quickly hang on the left side and climb the overgrown ruins. Be ready to pull the lookout down when he peers over the ledge. Do not waste this chance.

Continue forward through the overgrown area outside the cave. The ground will suddenly give way beneath you and it will send you sliding down the muddy path.

When you are down, be quick about getting to cover as a soldier has seen you slide down the muddy path.

Kill the soldier and get back in the cover. As you are getting to the cover, a huge armored truck will crash through the wall. Stay in cover the whole time and try to jump on the platform on the far left. Stay out of truck’s lights otherwise; you will be killed very quickly.

Try to kill more soldiers while avoiding the truck’s light. Kill the soldier on the platform and continue straight. You will see some more enemies on the platform, kill them as well.

Kill them all and continue to the next platform. Jump across to the next far platform and eliminate any resistance that you come across.

As you continue to move ahead, the truck will follow you. Here you will see a path leading up to stairs. Follow the path and kill the two soldiers that appear in front.

As you kill them, the truck will reappear in the scene and will cause the platform to crumble. Use your rope and swing to the other side

Do not stop here. Keep moving back via ruins and foliage. You will enter a small room which has red crates and two rebels. Get in the cover to avoid the fire coming from the truck and kill the two rebels quickly.

After they are dead, climb the small tower on the right and open the door with Nadine. As it is done, the room collapses and you will be surrounded in dark. Where you land, head back to the corner and pick up the treasure.

Next, you need to investigate the structure on the floor with Nadine. After this, climb over the fallen pillar and climb up the wall on the left. Crawl through the hole and drop down into the cell.

Climb over the door and climb the wall on the right. As you are climbing up, the truck will break through the wall and you will fall down. Asav will emerge from the truck.

Encounter with Asav
Asav will take the disk and point a gun at Chloe’s face. You will be required to hit the button prompt at the right time to throw away Asav’s gun.

You will need to disarm him first before you attempt to punch him. Keep on dodging his attacks and you will eventually be able to hit him.

Eventually he will manage to choke Chloe. At this point, Nadine will come for your help. However, right after she helps you, she will get pinned up.

Try to save her by pushing two guards away from her and in doing so, both of them will fall through the bricks and will be sent down a watery path.

Next, use your rope and try to jump to the next platform. Nadine will catch it but the ledge will break and both of you will fall down and pass out.

After around thirty minutes, Chloe will wake up and find a worried Nadine. Chat with her and follow her up the steps. An optional conversation will pop up.

Once you are out of the ruin, turn right and climb the stone ledges. Walk on the grassy path and slide down the following short hill.

Here, if you want a photo opportunity, head left back towards the city.

Now, head back up the hill. Use the wheel to open the door. At this point, a cow will rise from the ground.

Near to it, you will see Asav’s men along with Sam Drake. Nadine will not be happy and she will drive off leaving Chloe alone for the next chapter.

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