Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 6 The Gatekeeper Walkthrough

In this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy the Gatekeeper Walkthrough Guide, we will help you navigate the sixth chapter ‘The Gatekeeper’. Continue Chloe’s journey with us, as we guide you every step of the way in this mission.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 6 The Gatekeeper

We have curated this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy the Gatekeeper Walkthrough Guide for you and we have explained the complete chapter with step-by-step directions on how you can complete the chapter and solve all the puzzles in it.

Rendezvous with Nadine
As soon as the chapter starts, Chloe will be in an open area, running for her life. Run down the street and turn right in the muddy path. Slide down the mud and keep on running forward.

If you want to investigate some bushes to see the aqueduct, run back along the road, otherwise take the right turn to another muddy path.

Slide down and Chloe will stop. Run along the root bridge and find the stairs ahead. When you see them, climb them and then you will spot some stones on a wall. Climb them as well and you will find yourself in a shelter.

Investigate all rooms in the shelter. You will find some gear in a box in the first room. In the next room, you will find some treasure. After you are done exploring, use a C4 to destroy the door to slide down another mud hill.

When the truck approached, hide in the grass. You will see a ruined vehicle here. Investigate the vehicle and continue the chase after Nadine.

In the next area, you better sneak about as much as possible, getting caught can mean certain death due to the sheer number of enemies.

If you feel like taking up a bit of a suicide mission, then you can go all out with your guns, and see what happens. Once, you clear out all the enemies, take out the truck as well.

Avoid stepping into the truck’s light, it’ll mark you for everyone around you; making you a glorified bullet disposal with no cover to run to.

Climb along the backs of the buildings and continue taking out one or two soldiers.

Keep an eye out for an enemy packing an RPG, camping the building, he’s a pain to account for with all the enemies running about.

Every building in this area has many crates so explore all buildings and take your time doing this section.

If you manage to take out the truck, you will get C4 and some other helpful weapons to help you dispose of the truck.

When you are going to take out the truck, you need to be well stocked with explosive weapons.

Hit it three times and the truck will go down. Once you have successfully defeated all the enemies here, proceed to meet Nadine by the stone cow.

Helping the Elephant
Open the door to the underground passage with Nadine and enter it. Keep a close eye out for an examinable item on a wall. There are some staircases ahead, descend them all and you will eventually stop to observe a carved cow.

Turn right from the carved cow and grab the treasure. Now head down the staircase and you will come to an elephant trapped under some rubble.

You can help the elephant out and calm her down. You have earned yourself a ride. Feed her some mangoes along the way and the elephant will be happy.

Continue riding the elephant. An important discussion will occur between Chloe and Nadine during this ride.

When Chloe is finishing up, the elephant will suddenly charge ahead and jumps into the water to join her baby.

Before getting out of the water, investigate the statue by the falls and you will find a treasure in a small structure in the far corner.

Grab the treasure and head out. You will also get an optional conversation option here with Nadine. Get out of the river and head towards the stairs.

Climb them up and check the crates along the way. You will need to use a lock pick on one to unlock it.

When you start climbing up, use the rope spot to jump to the cliff and grab the treasure. After the treasure, swing over to the spot where you can dig in your piton.

Climb up. Look for the ridges and grab them, continue climbing up and you will soon see a monkey or a lemur play on a spear. The critter will run away when you approach it.

Now you must use the spear to make it across to the next ledge and walk forward. For swinging across the map, use your rope and then walk up the staircase. This will lead you to the next chapter

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