Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 8 Partners Walkthrough

For this Uncharted The Lost Legacy Chapter 8 Partners Walkthrough we will be guiding you through the entirety of the mission. If you happen to have hit a brick wall, then our guide should help you get to the next point in the mission.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 8 Partners

This guide for the eighth chapter, should for the most part, explain every step in the quest with as much detail as possible, and help you get through all the puzzles present in the mission.

Accessing the Cave System
The chapter will start with Nadine, Chloe and Sam arriving on the railroad tracks. Leave the car here and move on foot. Here if you climb the ledge on the left, you will find a treasure. After finding the treasure, move on the path.

Look out over the canyon and the bridge and you will engage a conversation with Sam. Turn right and you will see a bridge that has large waterfalls on both sides.

Now head to the dark jungle and you will slide down a muddy path leading you under the bridge.

Cross the bridge by climbing to the beams and ledges under the bridge. You will reach the waterfalls where Nadine and Sam will go to the right side.

Before you go after them, jump in the water to find the treasure. After this, follow the path where Nadine and Sam went. Climb through the cave and slide down the small watery decline. Jump up and grab one of the two handholds.

If you grab the left side, it will lead you to a treasure. Scale the wall to get to it. Head back after grabbing the treasure and this time climb on to the right side of the handhold.

Climb the ledges and clear the branches out of the way with Nadine.

Sam will jump across the water to the handholds and you can follow him. Your luck will be short as the ledge will break and you will fall down in another watery slope.

At the edge, press L1 at the right time to snag your grappling hook on a post under the bridge.

Next, swing to the mossy handholds behind the waterfall from the broken bridge. Climb left to enter another cave. Here you will find a large grate with a missing chunk.

Chat with Nadine and grab the treasure further down the chamber.

It is located behind a pair of boulders. Climb through the opening in the grate and jump over to the other side. Climb left and then up to the metallic handholds.

Chloe will spot Sam and call him out at this point. Now you need to help him out to get across the bridge.

Assist Nadine in pushing the wooden platform along the tracks putting it in reach of Sam. Hold it in place until Sam has crossed otherwise it will move from its place.

You get an optional conversation in the gap on the bridge. After it is over, help Nadine up. She will lower a pipe on which you and Sam will climb.

Now continue on the path up ahead until you reach a large metal T. Here, jump to more handholds. As usual, one will break but Chloe will grab one at the bottom.

Use your grappling hook here to fling across and land on a pair of rocky slopes.

Here Slide down and catch a ledge beneath the waterfall. Now follow Sam up the rope and you will enter a cave where a cut scene will start.

Nadine will rush in to beat the soldiers but an explosion will occur and it will block a way out of the cave.

This will also attract more enemies and you are up for a fight. Get in cover and kill the enemies. Stealth is not an option here so you must be ready for all out warfare.

Enemies will come in waves so be prepared for more enemies when you have cleared the first set of enemies in the area.

After killing the enemies, head to the blocked exit and help Nadine in opening up a way.

Once there is enough space for you to crawl in, crawl through to the other side, the path will collapse again and rest will not be able to follow you. You will end up sliding down and will find grappling hook point soon.

Use your grappling hook to get to the ledge and use your piton there to get up. Here you will find another photograph opportunity. Snap the photo.

Continue climbing up the mossy climbing path behind you. Here, if you drop from the ledge on the other side of the cave you will find another treasure.

Continue climbing until you come to a radio tower. Attach your rope to this tower and sing off to the left. The tower will break but up ahead Nadine and Sam will appear and help her get to safety.

Now climb up the path, which will look like a dead end. Here you need to push a cart to the wall, which is very tall.

Find the wooden cart below the waterfall and start pushing it along the tracks with the help of Nadine. Keep pushing it until you reach the rock-blocked tunnel. Flip the switch to line-up the tracks.

Now push the cart towards the brick wall. It will hit the wall and some bricks will drop making a small hole. Climb the hole and boost Sam up to a ladder.

As soon as Sam is up the ladder, it will break. He will tell you to run back outside as he has found something for you to climb up.

When you are outside again, Nadine will stop Sam throwing the cart down. Now push the cart back to its original location towards the rocks.

Switch the tracks and push it back to the original location near Sam.

Let him drop the crate on the cart and then climb the crate and climb up the ledge with Sam’s help. Once you are up, head towards the cave behind Sam to grab a treasure. Exit the cave and follow Nadine up and around the building.

Battle with Orca
When you reach the rope swing, use the grappling hook. Here, either you can go inside the building via the broken window to continue the story or you can swing back towards a small ledge for a treasure. Once you enter the building, a cut scene will start.

When the cut scene ends, you will in a battle with Orca, Nadine’s former Lieutenant.

The objective here is to hit the helicopter with three RPG hits all while avoiding his military comprising of snipers and heavy units around the area.

You must take out as many enemies along the way otherwise; they will make it very hard for you to find RPG ammo and hitting the helicopter.

Once the third RPG hits the helicopter, use your grappling hook to get on the helicopter and Nadine will follow you. Here you will engage in a hand-to-hand combat with Orca.

The aftermath of this battle is that the helicopter will crash to the ground when Orca accidentally fires at the pilot with Nadine and Chloe managing to roll to safety at the last moment. When the cut scene ends, the chapter is completed.

This concludes our Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Partners Walkthrough Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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