Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Infiltration Walkthrough

In this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Infiltration Walkthrough Guide, we will walk you through the second chapter The Infiltration. We have explained the complete chapter with step-by-step directions on how you can complete the chapter and solve all puzzles in it.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Infiltration

Both Chloe and Nadine have a long way to go to reach their target. As soon as the scene starts, head to the broken ladder. Boost Nadine up and then climb up the stairs behind her.

Next, you need to slide down the tin roof and jump to the fence onto the next building.

The next section is a little tricky so you must be careful. Walk to the tin part of the roof and jump to the ledges that are located on the right side of the neon QA sign.

Next, climb the pipe on the right and reach the top. At the top, slide over to the ledge. Jump to the neon sign and vault over it.

There will two more signs that you must reach after the first one and continue climbing until you are at the roof. Cross it and shimmy against the wall until you come to some pipes.

Climb them up to reach the next roof. Continue jumping between the roofs until you reach the line with the light bulbs.

Jump on it and use it to drop to the other roof. Now move quietly through the tall grass because there is a guard up ahead.

Knock him out silently, then pull out the cart, and drag it next to the shack’s wall. Climb it to get to the other building.

The next building is very close to where you want to go but there is no easy way to get over it. Therefore, shimmy over to the pink lotus neon sign and vault over the top yellow sign ahead.

On the back of the building, there are some ledges and pipes that you must use to get to the roof. Now you need to drop the crate on the weakened roof.

Grab the crate and push it all the way, until it falls down on the roof. It will break the roof and Nadine will fall down with it. Get down and get to her.

Now walk out onto the longest plant. At the end, jump to the pole and swing across. Scale the rest until you are at the top of the building.

There are some soldiers up ahead so you must use stealth. You need to vault across to the wall, which is full of scratch marks and carefully scale it.

You will see a soldier leaning against the wall, grab him and throw him down into the pit. The remaining soldiers will run to him.

Now that the soldiers are out of the building, you must drop down on the balcony and scale the exterior of the building.

You can choose between the left side and the right side of the balcony. You will reach a door, which you must start, picking. Nadine will eventually complete the door picking for you.

Once you are inside, you will find a lot of shelves full of treasure. Pick up whatever you can and wait until Nadine picks up what you went there for.

As soon as you unlock the box and get the contents inside, Rebel leader Asav and his soldiers will arrive. A cut scene will start and once it is over, you will be running for your life.

Jump out the window and you will land on a rooftop. Now you must keep moving. If you stop, you will be dead.

Keep on heading towards lights, as they will act as your guide. Once you arrive in a well-lit room, you will find a staircase.

Climb it and proceed ahead. After the short cut scene, run forward behind Nadine. Fight off the soldiers in the room with Nadine and then jump onto the lower roof.

Head straight for the next rooftop, continue to the far side of the roof, and then jump to the left for the staircase. Now you must keep running and jump.

When you reach the neon signs, you are almost done with the level. Run towards the roof behind the signs and scale the next building.

Once at the top, jump to the building located on the right side. Once you climb, Chloe is sent down sliding.

Jump between the gaps as soon as you see them and catch the line of lights. Use this line to get across. You and Nadine will eventually end up in a river.

Continue and the next scene will start. End it and the chapter is complete.

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