Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Collectibles Locations Guide

This Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Collectibles Locations Guide helps you find all the 68 Treasures, 28 Photos, 21 Lockboxes, 17 Optional Conversations and the 11 Hoysala Tokens. Finding all of them unlocks the following trophies:

  • #nofilter
  • Yas Queen
  • Token For Granted
  • Getting to Know You
  • Five Finger Discount
  • Collector of Antiquities
  • Casual Treasure Hunter
  • Casual Treasure Hunter
  • Picks or It Didn’t Happen
  • Hardcore Treasure Hunter

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Collectibles Locations

Even though the game has 9 chapters, a Prologue, and Epilogue, the collectible tracker is very good for keeping tabs on which treasure you have found in each chapter, missing collectibles can be found via chapter select and you keep the collectibles when you die.


Treasure #1 – Ganesh Figurine

Photo #1
Walk up to the vases on the right side of the market and take a picture of the little girl.

Chapter #1

Treasure #2 – Sterling Silver Cigarette Case
Lies on the blue barrels of the rooftop of the red door house.

Chapter #2 Collectibles

Photo #2
Walk to the Pink Lotus sign in the beginning and take a picture of the street thugs.

Treasure #3 – Bullet Whistle
The right of the first zipline, hiding behind a shed.

Treasure #4 – Military Service Lighter
Finish your first zipline, it is in the shed on the roof where you place the crate to climb the shed.

Treasure #5 – Utility Spork
In the shed on the roof after the first zipline, get the second crate and push it down to Nadine so the roof collapses. It is in one of the boxes on the crate. All you need to do is to push the crate backward.

Treasure #6 – Travelling Inkwell
Balance over the wooden beam and reach a purple-lit room, the treasure is on a table towards the left side.

Treasure #7 – Tactical Compass
When Nadine breaks a window in a cut-scene, check the crates in the room next to the unbroken window.

Chapter #3 Collectible Locations

Photo #3
Take a picture of the view mentioned in the cut-scene.

Photo 4
Go to the left side of the cliffs at the flamingo convention and wait for the opportunity.

Treasure #8 – Gupta Empire Coins
Check the water behind the rocks which form a ramp – flamingo section.

Treasure #9 – Silver Water Jar
When you destroy the door using your car’s winch, Climb the ledges towards the left and destroy the wall using a grenade – obtain the grenade by killing the enemies there.

Treasure #10 – Golden Fish Statuette
Towards the end when you drive through an opened gate, you have to make a sharp turn to head into a bridge. Check the waterfalls nearby for the treasure.

Photo #5
When you kill all the enemies in the massive encounter, stand in the water in the lower part (where 2 enemies patrol) Walk around until you see a photo icon on the left side and try to spot it – it is a little tricky!

Lockbox #1
Same area as above, find the lockbox in one of the trucks towards the right side of the enemies.

Treasure #11 – Mango Crystal Scent Flask
When you open the huge door for Nadine, drop down on the other side and locate the treasure on the left side.

Chapter #4

Since it’s fairly hard to locate all the collectibles in Chapter #4, I suggest checking out the map image created by good folks over at PowerPyx. The map details the locations of all the collectibles available in this chapter.

The Lost Legacy Collectibles Map for Chapter #4
Photo 6
Get out of the jeep ASAP at the start and walk towards the cliff. Now take a photo of the tower in distance.

Hoysala Token #1
Find the old temple in the North East corner of the map and interact with the shrine. Now open the door to a room on the left to find the token.

Hoysala Token #2
Climb on the ruin and open the lid – use rope.

Hoysala Token #3
Climb a wall next to the small snake statue and shoot the bell, then shoot the six bells below it to open the door with the token.

Hoysala Token #4
Climb the small tower and slide into the cave on the other side by swinging across to find the token.

Hoysala Token #5
Use a grenade to blow up the wall, use the lockbox on the right to restock the grenades.

Hoysala Token #6
Use ropes to get to Token 6, you get the Tarzana trophy and a lockbox along the way.

Hoysala Token #7
Use grenades to pop the wall, alternatively use a propane tank near the wall.

Hoysala Token #8
Locate the diving hole in Elephant statue. Follow the path to get the token.

Hoysala Token #9
Activate the Fish statue to trigger a puzzle. Complete it – step on all six fountains – and return to the fish to get the token.

Hoysala Token #10
In the lockbox in front of the cave.

Hoysala Token #11
Solve the plate-sliding puzzle.

Photo #7
Return the tokens to the shrine near Token #1. Before entering the shrine, take a picture of the monkeys to the right of the shrine.

Optional Conversation #1
When you return the tokens, a door opens up on the right. Pass through and look at the monkey island. Look at the monkeys on the corner pillar and investigate. When Nadine says something about bananas, talk to her.

Photo #8
On the monkey island, stand near the cliff and wait for the photo prompt, take a photo of the monkeys jumping on Nadine.

Treasure #12-14
These three treasures are on the ruins of the monkey island.

Lockbox #2, Treasure #15
Lockbox has the treasure which is located at the south of the entrance to the White Monkey Temple Area, at the base of the tower.

Treasure #16 – Jade Archer’s Ring
On the tower.

Treasure #17 – Hoysala Coin
In the Elephants’ eye on the rock that looks like the elephant.

Lockbox #3
When you get the second Hoysala Token, kill the enemies and find a lockbox in the back of their truck – only happens if you go into the cave with the token.

Treasure #18 – Ivory Casket
Drive on the cliff near a tree.

Treasure #19 – Stag Horn Box
Hang on the ledge of the rock after sliding down the mud. Treasure is behind the small stone pillar.

Optional Conversation #2
Before you enter the Trident fort, press L3.

Lockbox #4
Return from the Trident fort after solving the puzzle. Kill the reinforcements or run past them. The second truck at the top of the waterfall will have the lockbox.

Treasure #20 – Trinket Box
This is to the south of the last collectible. Find a passage on the south of the waterfall and use a car to bypass the waterfall to find the treasure.

Treasure #21 – Ancient Stone Jar
Drive down the waterfall, exit your car and climb the rock to find the treasure.

Photo #9
Photograph the waterfall form the location on the map.

Treasure #22 – Medieval Indian Lock and Key
Go to the ruins from the south to find a climbable ledge. Treasure is on top of it.

Treasure #23 – Rosewood Spice Box
Side path on the road to the tower has this treasure.

Lockbox #5
Kill the enemies and open the loot box, the grenade is required for the next photo.

Photo #10
Pop the grenade on the crumbling wall to the left and climb up to investigate the trident statue, then take a photo of it.

Lockbox #6
Find the Lockbox on top of a muddy hill – visible from the bottom. Go around the hill and use the rock to climb up the hill and then use the rope to swing to the hill and grab the box.

Photo #11
Take a photo of the elephant statue – from the left side of its front while being close to it.

Photo #12
Go to the cliff and look at the fort to take its picture.

Lockbox #7 and Treasure #24
Treasure is inside the lockbox located in the center of the enemy camp near the weak wall.

Lockbox #8
On the side of the road near the truck before the Archer’s Fort.

Optional Conversation #3
Before you enter the fort, look at the symbol above the entrance and press triangle.

Lockbox #9
Under the closed bridge at the top of the Archer’s fortress.

Treasure #25 – Engraved Gourd Jar
In the water underneath the ‘tree root’ bridge.

Treasure #26 – Serpents and ladders Game
Enter the cave near the set of stairs by a bridge and in the next room, check out the altar.

Lockbox #10
Found behind the truck.

Lockbox #11
Same camp, different truck, look for it behind a tower ruin.

Treasure #27 – Nagfani Horn
Near the tree with small stone pillars.

Photo #13
Near a tiny waterfall, stand near the tree next to it and look at the waterfall.

Treasure #28 – Jade pendant
Climb up the ruins to find it.

Lockbox #12 and Treasure #29 – Butterfly Trinket
Treasure is inside the box which is located in a truck on the route up to Axe Fort

Treasure #30 – Metal Tiger Claws
Go into a dark cave before the Axe Fort to find this treasure.

Optional Conversation #4
Prior to entering the Axe fort, look at the ax symbol and press L3.

Photo #14
After you complete your first Axe trial, look down the cliff and take a picture.

Chapter #5

Optional Conversation #5
Drop form a ledge and Nadine begins the Conversation.

Treasure #31 – Padouk Tea Caddie
After you drop from a ledge and Nadine mentions she found some stairs, go to the end of the cliff to find the treasure.

Photo #15
Swing and take the way towards the left of the cliffs, take Ganesh’s picture.

Treasure #32 – Engraved Ewer
Continue to climb after the last photo and drop onto a ledge – which was too high to reach earlier.

Optional Conversation #6
Happens automatically.

Photo #16
Climb on top of Ganesh and take the photo.

Optional Conversation #7
When you climb Ganesh, press triangle to inspect the cannonball.

Treasure #33 – Bidri Hookah Bowl
Descend Ganesh using a rope and find the treasure behind the elephant statue in a corner.

Photo #17
Turn around after finding Treasure #33 to take a photo.

Treasure #34 – Gold Cased Ivory Dentures
Go through a hole in the wall and crawl in the dark tunnel – same area as the last two collectibles. Now check the left side of the room.

Optional Conversation #8
Go through the big-wheeled doors by pressing the triangle button and a lantern will light itself. Now talk to Nadine.

Treasure #35 – Palm Leaf Manuscript
You will enter a room with a lot of skeletons and two burning lanterns in the center. Check the left corner.

Treasure #36 – Khanjarli Curved Dagger
Sometime later, you will be chased by an armored car, escape it and drop down, and then check the corner of the dark room.

Optional Conversation #9
When you slide down the water stream, ask Nadine after she remarks about Asav being a doctor.

Photo #18
Go in the opposite direction of the gate and find the opportunity to take the photo – do not interact with the wheel and the lever.

Chapter #6 Collectibles

Lockbox #13, 14
They are in the APC patrolled area. One of them is in a building on the right side, and the other is towards the end of the left-hand side.

Treasure #37 – 10th Century Oil Bottle
Open the entrance into the ‘holy cow’, walk down the stairs and slide down a short distance. Now follow the corridor and turn right to find the treasure – on the stairs.

Treasure #38 – Aged Silver Anklet
Crawl through a small tunnel, now go right and up the stairs, from here turn left to find the treasure.

Photo #19
Take the photo of the elephants after riding them.

Treasure #39 – Ceremonial Sugar Hammer
Located in the corner of the area with elephants.

Optional Conversation #10
Talk to Nadine about elephants once you have climbed on the ledge

Lockbox #15
Once you exit the elephant area, follow the path and locate the treasure.

Photo #20
Climb up after you have found the last box.

Treasure #40 – Agate Gemstone Box
Go to the room with the lockbox and climb the wall, and then swing to the other ledge to locate the treasure.

Treasure #41 – Raja Gold Kahavanu
Swing to the ledge that has the cave entrance in the same room to find the treasure.

Chapter #7

Photo #21
Take a photo when the chapter starts – very easy!

Lockbox #16
It is in the area where you encounter your first enemy. Look for a balcony with it. You will probably have seen it as you were progressing through the level.

Treasure #42 – Lakshmi Marriage Ornament
After the enemy encounter, do a few jumps to enter a tiny cave with collapsed stones on the right side, then exit the cave and turn right to jump on the ledge where the treasure will be present.

Treasure # 43 – Hanuman Brass Bell
Get to Balur, go up the first flight of stairs and check behind the altar.

Treasure #44 – Enameled Betel Box
Next to a tree in the well room.

Treasure #45
In the water, dive into it and it is located in a room after the small passage – towards the left.

Photo #22, Optional Conversation #11
After the diving section, go to the left side of the stairs. Take a photo to trigger the conversation.

Treasure #46 – Handcarved Sheesham Breadbox
Last closet of the library, towards the left side.

Treasure # 47 – Silver Comb Perfume Flask
Behind the shelves towards the rear end of the library.

Photo #23
Follow the path after the cut scène and check the cliffs.

Treasure #48 – Bronze Decan Incense Burner
Jump into the water and dive on the left side of the room.

Treasure #49 – Satavahana Hourglass
Complete the diving section to find the treasure in the room – it’s at the very back.

Photo # 24
Climb up the aforementioned room to find the photo opportunity.

Photo #25
Swing to the fountain and take a picture of the statues.

Treasure #50 – Chalukya Griffin Candlestick
Towards the far left of the same room.

Photo #26
After you complete the swimming section, take a photo of the Shiva statue.

Treasure #51 – Bronze Medallion Flask
In the room with the aforementioned statute, go to the left side of the room and dive behind the rock.

Treasure #52 – Bichwa Dagger
Same room. In the middle – right in front of the statue)

Treasure #53 – Jadeite Bottle
go to the corridor at the right side of the statue room, the treasure is at its end.

Treasure #54 – Harappan Ivory Dice
Climb up on the left side and keep doing it – don’t go towards the stairs.

Optional Conversation #12
Turn the first crank and do not jump on the hand itself.

Treasure #55 – Ivory Chess Pieces
Climb up to Shiva’s second left hand. Now jump on the ledge and climb down towards the balcony beneath.

Treasure #56 – Gold Chola Earrings
Climb up to the next ledge and check behind the ledge.

Treasure #57 – Bridal Maang Tikka
Go towards the other side of the room, get to the third wheel and then drop down towards the ledge. Treasure is on a pillar near the stairs.

Optional Conversation #13
Swing across the room to the prism riddle. Move the first statue and talk to Nadine.

Photo #27
Push the statue crate when Nadine holds up the mirror, then take a photo of her with the mirror.

Chapter #8 Collectible Locations

Optional Conversation #14
At the beginning of the chapter.

Treasure #58 – Jeweled Snuff Bottle
Check the ledge on the left side at the start of the chapter.

Treasure #59 – Brass Ewer
Drop a few ledges to see a waterfall. Dive into the water and locate the treasure.

Treasure #60 – Mamluk Brass Bowl
Exit the cave behind the waterfall and slide/jump to the ledge on the right. Go to the end of the ledge to find the treasure.

Treasure #61 – Crescent Flask
Right corner of the iron fence area.

Optional Conversation #15
In the same area

Optional Conversation #16
When Sam jumps on the railway-car and breaks his glasses, you can talk to him.

Treasure #62 – Soapstone Jewelry Box
After you borrow the rope and slide for a while, move left and climb instead of using the rope.

Optional Conversation #17
After you encounter enemies, go near the gap you have to pass through by pressing triangle.

Photo #28
When you break the railway bridge during your first encounter, you will swing and slide to get to safety. Take a picture of the train from here.

Treasure #63 – Peacock Nut Cutter
Take the Photo, climb to Sam and Nadine. Now drop down to the ledge in the picture and find the treasure.

Treasure #64 – British Powder Flask
Sam will drop a crate when he breaks a ladder. Move through the cave on the right instead of going up the bridge to locate the treasure.

Treasure #65 – Strange Skull
After Treasure #64, Chloe will talk to Sam and Nadine. Sam will use her rope. Swing to the ledge below to get the treasure instead of going ahead.

Lockbox #17, 18
Look at the Helicopter area on the right.

Lockbox #19
Same area , towards the back.

Lockbox #20
Check the building on the left side of the Helicopter area.

Lockbox #21
Look under the bridge which has the enemies. There is a truck in the middle of the area containing the box.

Chapter #9

Treasure #66 – United India Company Pistol
Top of the very first train cart of the chapter.

Treasure #67 – Viceroy’s Penbox
It is behind the cart which Nadine believes you cannot climb.

Treasure #68 – United India Company Coins
When you reenter the train after the driving sequence, look outside the third cart.

This Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Collectibles Locations Guide should help you accumulate all the trophies you need to show off to your friends. Let us know if something is missing in the comments below. Have Fun!

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