Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 7 Walkthrough

In this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 7 Walkthrough, we will walk you through the seventh chapter The Lost Legacy. Continue Chloe’s journey with this Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 7 guide.

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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Chapter 7

Battle in the Ruins

Capture a picture of the old, lost city right at the start of the chapter. Walk down the path on the left side and jump to the pillar. Jump from ledge to ledge quickly to the other pillar.

You will see ahead that two snipers and several lookouts are present in the area. You must not get spotted here otherwise; your mission might get very difficult.

To avoid the lasers, climb along the left side of the large pillar. Climb down as the pillar allows and then jump across to the next pillar. Do not get in the laser sight at all costs. Once on the next pillar, shimmy over to the left side and use your rope to swing to the ruin. Get inside the ruin by avoiding all the patrol guards.

Inside the ruin, in the first room you will see two men patrolling the area. Do not alert them, take them out silently and move on to the second floor.

Up there too, kill any rebels you see silently. Once you have dealt with all the soldiers here, take a break and look around to tag all the enemies up ahead. The net area will have 14 rebels. On the second floor, open the crate from some ammo.

Once you are fully locked and loaded, use your rope and swing to the other side of the rope. Here take out as many enemies silently as possible.

When you are finally detected, get behind cover and start taking out enemies. Clear the area using grenades and picking off enemies at higher areas.

Enemies will come in waves and you will face snipers and heavys too here. Once you are done with the enemies, blast through the door with Nadine to the other side.

This path will lead you back in the open area. Jump to the pillar, climb it and it will rumble. Do not stop keep going.

Jump down onto the platform with the waterfalls and enter the small cave. You will emerge in a waterfall area. Here, as soon as you exit the cave, turn right and jump across to the gold railing.

There will be a small opening over it. Jump and get inside this opening. Grab the treasure there. Head back and turn left this time from the cave exit.

Scale the wall and you will come to a broken stone face. Investigate the face and then jump up the stonewall right past it. Use your rope to swing across the open area and continue to climb the walls and you will find a path to the top.

Once at the top, continue until you reach the grand steps. After the conversation, look for an entrance.

The main entrance is destroyed so you need to find another way in. To the left of the door, there is a hole, enter through this hole. Once in, you will spot two of Asav’s rebels on the other side of the room.

They will be rigging the door with explosives, ready to blow it off. As soon as they blow the door off, dive in the water an find the path that is going where the door used to be. Swim through and go towards the structure on the right once you are out of the eater. Photograph the statues.

Finding the Statue of Shiva

On the left, there will be a staircase. Go there and pass the hallway. Next, you will end up in a library. In the middle, you will see an altar. Interact with it and you will initiate a cut scene. A door will open, go through it and find the rubble hole in the room. Once you find it, crawl through it.

When you are the edge, before you jump in the water, take a photograph. Jump in the water and swim to the left of the structure.

Here, you will find an underwater path. Help Nadine in creating an opening here and swim through. On the other side, swim up to the clearing in the back to find a treasure.

After this, climb up the pillar and jump to the ledge across it. Once you are up, jump over to the platform where Nadine is present. Take a photograph here. Nadine will push Chloe in the water and you will get back out again.

Continue through the crumbled doorway and you will come to a rope spot. Use this spot and swing across to the new area.

Once you are there, take another photograph and move on. Now you need to go down. Beneath the grand statue, swim and come up for air when you are in the first room.

After you are full of air, dive down again and enter the next room while swimming. Here, you do not need to be submerged in the water to continue.

You will reach a huge room with a statue. At the bottom of this statue is a treasure. Grab it and continue ahead. On the left, there will be a ladder like wall, climb it and walk two flights of stairs after it. There, climb the second ladder like wall on the right.

Once you are on flat surface, you will see a crank that will move Shiva’s lower right hand. Chat with Nadine and then jump to the arm and climb it.

Shimmy over to the other arm and then walk to its hand. Use the hand to jump to the next platform. Before you jump, climb down and grab the treasure. Turn the crank on the next platform.

After it is turned, run quickly to the right, scale the wall, jump to the spear and quickly climb it because the second crank is timed.

If you want to grab another treasure, when you are on the higher platform, instead of jumping to the spear, keep walking towards the back to find the treasure. Grab it.

Climb the spear and then use your rope to swing to the high back platform. Here, climb the wall and activate the wheel on the middle of the platform. Once it is done, water will start flowing. Slide down the water and use your rope to get down from here.

Now run to the other side of this platform and jump to the right side. Go up the stairs in the right structure and exit through the window to keep moving forward. Climb the wall to find your next crank. Turn it and Nadine will follow suite in the other part of the ruin.

Now get back to Nadine and jump on the hand. Move to the drum/hourglass and quickly jump to them. Nadine will follow you. Jump to the other platform and turn the water on. In the center, turn the final crank and activate the Shiva Light puzzle when the door in the center opens.

Shiva Light Puzzle

On the Shiva’s statue, use your rope and swing across to the higher level. Turn the middle statue 180 degrees until it is facing Shiva. Your task here is to distribute the light between the two sides. Start with the red light that shoots off to Shiva’s left side.

Turn the first statue until it faces the light and reflects it out toward the middle of the platform. Now get to that platform and start moving the statue until it catches the light. The light must reach the central contraption so you might need to adjust them both slightly.

Once you are done with the red light, move towards the blue side. First statue is gone so Nadine will stand in the place holding the mirror down in place. Head to the second statue and move it until it catching light and reflecting it to the central contraption. Green light will be fixed automatically.

At this point, a platform will move back on the ground floor and Asav’s men will arrive on the scene firing missiles.

Chloe will fall down but Nadine will help her get balance again. Take cover and kill all the attackers.

Do not delay too long as the RPG shooter will break the ground with each hit. Eliminate them as quickly as possible. Once you have killed all enemies, jump to the far platform. Watch the cut scene. Asav has arrived and has captured both Nadine and Chloe. Walk with them further in the structure.

Disk Puzzle

After Chloe turns the disk in the podium, the puzzle will be activated. Two levers will appear on either side of the door. You must pull them both to activate puzzle parts.

When you are done with this, another panel on the door will be opened. To start solving the puzzle, head back to the disk and follow the following steps.

  • Line up the first layer with the background. Then, line up the second layer with the first.
  • When you get to the third layer, it will rotate the two layers before it. Line them up.
  • Line up the fourth layer.
  • The final, innermost layer moves the two layers before it. Now line up the innermost layer with layers three and four.
  • Cycle back through the layers until you get to layer three. Keep turning this layer until it lines up with layers one and two.
  • In the end, cycle through the layers back to the first and turn the image until it lines up with the background.

After the image is done, move Ganesh into a yielding position. Move all of Ganesh’s limbs to their lowest and most open positions.

This will make him look like he is yielding. Submit the puzzle after this is done. At this point, Parashurama’s axe will come down but stop right before hitting you. Tusk of Ganesh is finally revealed and is taken y Asav.

For the final scene, pick the lock to free Chloe, and then help Nadine. Finally free Sam and then swim to the surface.

Debris will be dropping from the surface so avoid it at all costs. Watch the next cut scene and you will move on to the next chapter.

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