Uncharted Short Movie Gains The Appreciation Of Naughty Dog

A few days ago, director Allan Ungar released an Uncharted short movie on Youtube, starring Firefly and Castle protagonist Nathan Fillion. Even though the film is a fan made project, it went as far as to gain the appreciation of Naughty Dog and the franchise’s creative director.

Undeniably, the aforementioned Uncharted short movie is exactly what we wanted from such a project. Ungar revealed that Naughty Dog has expressed their appreciation for it, with Uncharted Creative Director, Amy Hennig and CEO Neil Druckmann giving their “thumbs up” for the effort.

Hennig said, according to Ungar:

‘You guys did a fantastic job, Allan! Warms these old cockles to see our baby brought to life like this. Never could’ve imagined it, when we set off on this journey 13+ years ago. Thank you!’

Director Ungar added that “even Neil Druckmann, who now directs Naughty Dog, took the matter to heart. When you get these people’s support, it means a lot”. It actually means so much that fan petitions have already started to make this a full-length film with the same cast.

Nathan Fillion was also there to comment on Ungar’s appreciation message by saying that “It makes you feel good”. This isn’t the first time for the actor to get involved with gaming projects as he lends his voice to Cayde from Destiny 1 and 2 and is also Gunnery Sergeant Buck in Halo 3, Reach and 5.

Interestingly, a full Uncharted movie has also been announced, with a different cast this time. Tom Holland, the new Spider-Man will be the main protagonist in this one while Breaking Bad actor, Bryan Cranston is also being considered for an unspecified role.

Let us know what you think about this Uncharted short film starring Nathan Fillion and whether or not you want to see a full-fledged movie with the same cast.

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