Uncharted Movie Moving Closer To Production, Says Director

Shawn Levy, the Director of the Uncharted Movie, just told in a recent interview that the film is getting closer to its production stage now that the cast and script have been finalized.

The movie has been anticipated for quite some time now, and it finally looks set to hit the production phase.

Shawn Levy discussed his upcoming season 3 of Stranger Things with the Playlist in an interview. When asked about the development of the Uncharted Movie, Shawn Levy expressed:

Now we have a good script and we have our star. Now everything is subject to the schedules and additional castings. But I would say that now, it seems that everything is closer to realization.

“The Night at the Museum” Director looks good to go ahead for filming the Uncharted Movie after confirming that they have their “star”. Tom Holland would also be as much prepared for the role as he had declared his wishes for the role before. After the confirmation of Shawn Levy directing the film came out, Bryan Cranston was also cast for an unknown role in the Uncharted movie.

Last month Nathan Fillion was seen in an impressive short film based on the Uncharted game while playing the role of Nathan Drake. The actor was being repeatedly linked to the character. The short film was highly encouraged by the fans. Nonetheless, Shawn Levy has been reported to tell Nathan Drake’s story differently than the Uncharted games. It is suggested that The Uncharted Movie is going to portray a younger Nathan Drake.

However, Shawn Levy is confident that the movie is close to its production as we speak. Shawn Levy, Director of “The Arrival” also acknowledged that the Uncharted Movie is indeed going to be “a massive title”.

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