Uncharted The Lost Legacy Puzzle Solutions Guide

Uncharted The Lost Legacy Puzzle Solutions Guide to help you learn everything you need to know about solving all the different puzzles that you will find during the course of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy.

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Uncharted The Lost Legacy Puzzle Solutions

The Fountain Puzzle – Chapter #4

You will find the puzzle in the center of the map. To start, activate the fish-switch in the center of the ruin to trigger fountains around the area. Once done, sprint over the fountains in order to deactivate them within the allotted time limit.

From the switch, head towards the two fountain towers and climb the taller tower by swinging across the tree branch. From the tower, swing across the ruin. Proceed through the ruin towards the third fountain tower followed by swinging across the fourth fountain tower. You should see another branch nearby that should allow you to access the fifth fountain tower.

From the fifth fountain, swing to the center and towards the final fountain in the distance. Once you are done with all the fountains, head to the center to complete the puzzle.

The Axe Statue Puzzle – Chapter #4

You will find the fort on the northern edge of the map. You will see three rooms and to solve the puzzle, you will have to jump across pillars in a way that you do not get cut by the large ax.

Room #1
2x Forward – Right – Forward – Left – Back – Forward – Left – 2x Forward

Room #2
Forward – Right – Left – Forward – Left – Forward – Left – Forward – Right – 2x Forward

Room #3
2x Forward – Right – Left – 2x Right – Forward – Right – Forward – Right – Forward – Left – Right – 2x Left – 2x Forward

The Horse Emblem Puzzle – Chapter #4

You will find this puzzle inside the ruin located on the northwest edge of the map. Please refer to the solution provided below:

First, turn the Outer Ring to collect the missing section from the left, turn it and deposit it on the right. Now turn the Outer Ring and Middle Ring. Once done, place the Outer Ring section from the right to the left, deposit the Middle Ring section on the right, and deposit the Outer Ring section on the right side.

From there, place the Inner Ring section from the left in its place. Finally, collect the Outer Ring section from the right and re-deposit it to the left. This should allow you to collect the Middle Ring section on the right side. To complete the puzzle, you need to recollect the Outer Ring section.

Trident Fort Puzzle – Chapter #4

At the top of the waterfall in the southeast of the map, you will find the Trident Fort.

You will have to find 5 wheel-symbols hidden around the area once you have killed all the enemies. Nadine may also find one or two for you. Here are the locations of all five symbols:

  1. In front of the wheel door on the ground
  2. In the ruins, right side on the ground
  3. On the top of the building which is about 15 meters from the wheel door.
  4. By the left side of the left wall of the building which you find at the end of the area.
  5. On the left side of the rooftop of the building closest to the wheel door

The Shadow Puzzle – Chapter #5

For this puzzle, you will see 12 switches – three in each corner. To better understand the locations of the puzzles, let us name the four corners as SW, SE, NW, NE and the switches as 1, 2, 3 – from left to right when facing the switches. In order to solve the puzzle and earn ‘Shadow Theater’ Trophy, you need to use the switches in this order:

  • NW – 3
  • SE – 2
  • SW – 1
  • SE – 3
  • SW – 3
  • NE – 2
  • SE – 3
  • NW – 2
  • NE – 2

Mirror Puzzle – Chapter #7

You will see a beam of light coming through the third eye of Shiva after climbing the Shiva Statue. There are 5 mirrors on the other side of the room and you need to reflect the light in all five of them.

Here is what you have to do:

  • Turn middle platform around and align the light with the statues on the left.
  • Tune the position of statues on the left so that the light reflects by a 90 degree angle on the second statue on the left.
  • No go and tune the statue on the left according to the incoming beam of light.
  • Go to the right now and you will see a statue missing. Interact with the mirror to make Nadine pick up the statue for you.
  • Put the movable statue in the right position according to the reflected beam of light and you are good to go!

Dial Puzzle – Chapter #7

So you will find yourself in a puzzle room after an enemy encounter. You will have to pull 2 levers first and then you will see a dial with Ganesh on it.

The starting position of the dial is random. So, start with the outer ring and put all the rings in order from outside to the inside.

Moving the inner ring moves the other rings too. You should use the third ring to readjust the position easily. Once all the rings are in order, just turn the other ring to put the picture in place.

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