Uncharted 4 Chapter 2: Zodiac Symbols Puzzle Solution

With multiple puzzles scattered throughout the map, players find themselves in one of the first head-scratching puzzles of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End in chapter 2. Players find themselves trapped in a prison cell and must deconstruct the zodiac symbols puzzle to progress further.

In this guide, we’ll discuss in detail how to easily solve the zodiac symbols puzzle in Uncharted 4 and get out of the prison cell.

Uncharted 4 prison cell zodiac symbols puzzle solution

After climbing into the prison cell through a window, you’ll notice symbols and numbers inscribed all around the walls.

Upon further inspection, it’ll become obvious the symbols are Zodiac signs and their corresponding Roman numerals that have been etched onto the stone walls.

Move ahead and interact with a sun and moon symbol that has been etched onto the wall.

Drake will then remark on how both are alchemy symbols for gold and silver. This will prompt Nathan to take out a letter from his pocket, which is another clue in this puzzle.

Upon inspecting the note, Nathan will notice that only half the sun and moon symbol is drawn on the letter.

Fold the note to complete the symbol, which will not only complete the sun and moon drawing but also reveal the zodiac symbols, Sagittarius and Scorpio.

UC4 Prison cell puzzle

Look above you, and you’ll notice a series of zodiac symbols etched onto the roof with roman numbers written next to them. Find Sagitarrius and Scorpio from the bunch.

After finding both the symbols you’ll notice that their numbers when combined forms XII.

Now, interact with the stone bearing the inscription XII, and you’ll find a crucifix with the words ‘Digna Factis Recipimus’ inscribed on its back.

uncharted 4 zodiac symbols puzzle

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