Uncharted 4 Nathan Drake Model Shows Off New Character Detail

With the release of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End coming in 2016 it will be interesting to see just how much the graphics have evolved since the original games. With the Uncharted: Nathan Drake Collection showing an impressive graphical quality though, just how better can the new game look?

In an image posted on Reddit today, the answer may have been found. Looking at this image though we have to remember that this is a character model that will be adapted and changed to keep the game running at the required quality:

As you can see from the image, the quality is very impressive, but for a few issues that can be forgiven. What is important though is the level of detail that we can now see in Nathan, and how he looks more lifelike. To give even more of an idea how things have progressed VideoGamer also posted a comparison between Uncharted 4, and Uncharted 3 way back in December. Even back then, based on an early build it looked impressive.

With months to go until we see the final game, and all of the trailers and teaser images expected in the coming months, we’ll be seeing more clues as to how the latest Uncharted game will look. The level of detail will of course be compared to the Nathan Drake Collection remasters, though I’m sure we won’t be making the mistake of thinking the new game is Uncharted 2.

Whether Drake will look the same quality as he does in this new image, or not, I’m sure we’ll still be impressed by the new game.

Are you looking forward to Uncharted 4? Are you impressed with the level of detail in the Drake model? Let us know your thoughts below.

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