Uncharted 4 Chapter 9: The Cross Wheels Puzzle Solution

During Chapter 9 of Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End, Nate and Sam get trapped in underground caverns filled with deadly contraptions and puzzles. One such puzzle that they need to solve in Uncharted 4 revolves around a wheel engraved with three different crosses.

The three crosses must be arranged in a particular order before players can proceed ahead. One wrong move and it would mean the end of the brothers. Allow us to present you the solution to this Cross wheels puzzle in UC4.

Uncharted 4 chapter 9: the Cross Wheels puzzle solution

To activate this puzzle, you need to face the four circles and look to your left. There is a skeleton lying in front of a locked door with his arm stuck inside the stone wall. Walk over to that door and pull the arm out of the wall. This will activate the puzzle.

Filling the Bucket

There is a bucket lying in the lower dial of the puzzle. Take that bucket to the pool near the exit door and fill it up with water.

Pass the filled bucket back up to Sam. After putting the bucket back, multiple spotlights will appear on the dial, and the control wheels will be unlocked.

Reading the Journal

Open the journal, and note the order and positions of the crosses on the right-hand page. Follow the exact positions of crosses and replicate them on the dials.

Position of Crosses

To disable the locking mechanism, crosses must be arranged so they mirror the statues of the Crucifixion. You should end up with every cross sitting in one of the spotlighted positions.

  • Dismas (Small White Cross) on the left
  • Jesus (Big White Cross) in the middle
  • Gestas (Black Cross) on the right

Turning the cross wheels

There are 4 wheels in total that you must rotate for this puzzle in UC4. Each wheel is connected to one of the dials. Now you need to turn them to match the positions of the crosses as they are on the journal.

Label these wheels as 1,2,3, and 4 from left to right, and follow the wheel rotation pattern given below to solve the puzzle.

  • Wheel 1 = one turn Clockwise
  • Wheel 3 = two turns Counter-Clockwise
  • Wheel 4 = one turn Clockwise
  • Wheel 2 = one turn Counter-Clockwise
  • Wheel 4 = two turns Clockwise
  • Wheel 3 = one turn Clockwise

Once everything is in place, go to the exit mechanism. Interact with it to open the unlocked door.

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