New Pokemon Ultra Sun And Ultra Moon Trailer Released, Shows New Lycanroc Form

A new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer has been released, and while it doesn’t show very much information, it has just enough to have Pokemon fans wanting more. Among other things like “untold secrets of the Alola Region” and new looks for our characters, we also see a new Rockruff evolution.

In the original Sun and Moon games, Rockruff only had two evolutions, and would only evolve into one based on the time of day; evolving in the day made it Midday Lycanroc, while evolving at night made it Midnight Lycanroc. However, Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon shows that certain Rockruffs that players will get for pre-ordering the game will also evolve into Dusk Lycanrocs, a combination between the two that has both of their special moves, Accerlerock and Counter.

However, there have also been a number of other little tidbits that we’ve seen in previous Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer videos, such as Solgaleo and Lunalaa both having bits of Ultra Beast armor on them, and in this trailer we also see a Rockruff apparently following the player around. While we know nothing about why the two legendaries would suddenly have different looks, Pokemon have followed players around before.

However, whether it’s actually following us like in HeartGold and SoulSilver or it just being random Pokemon that will sometimes follow us in the overworld, we won’t learn more until we actually find out more about the game. While the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon trailer gave us a good bit of info, there’s still a lot more we haven’t seen.

Since the game was first announced, Nintendo has said that there will be new Pokemon in Alola that we haven’t seen, along with new things to do. We’ve also seen at least one new character from the trailer, a character named Ryuki who identifies himself as a “star”.

Either way, stay tuned to find out when other information about the games comes out. Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon releases in November.