Ultra Street Fighter IV Releases for PS4 Next Week

Ultra Street Fighter IV is going to release for the PlayStation 4 on Tuesday, Sony has revealed.

The game will be running at 1080p native resolution and 60 frames-per-second. Additionally, the PlayStation 4 release will feature all previously released DLC packs for the game. This includes the most recent Vacation and Wild costume packs.

Sony noted that it has worked with Capcom to remove the “minor input lag in the controls of Ultra Street Fighter IV for PS3,” which was reported previously by players. PlayStation 4 owners can purchase a copy for $24.99 with no worries for any input lag in the hardware, and know that whatever misfortune follows in-game is because of their own skill level.

The best bit, though, is that Ultra Street Fighter IV will support PS4 FightSticks. “We’ve also included Lab Zero’s drivers so that USFIV will support licensed PS3 FightSticks as well,” said Sony.

Coinciding with this news, peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz has decided to release a limited stock of its Tournament Edition 2 FightSticks. These have been incredibly popular in the recent months, with every stock selling out in quick time. Honestly, Mad Catz is finding it a problem to restock the product.

The Ultra Street Fighter IV edition of the Tournament Edition 2 FightStick will be available in the Mad Catz online store, starting at 12:00 PM PST. Sales will be restricted to those living in the United States and Canada. The stick is compatible with both PlayStation 3 and 4.

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