Ultra Street Fighter II Might Not Remain A Switch Exclusive If It Sells Well

It seems like Ultra Street Fighter II being a Nintendo Switch exclusive might not be set in stone if producer Yoshinori Ono’s recent statement is any indication.

In his interview with IGN, Ono talked about the reason for bringing back a classic game to newer hardware in the form of Ultra Street Fighter II as well as revealing more information regarding the exclusivity deal with Nintendo.

Ono revealed that if Ultra Street Fighter manages to sell well on Nintendo Switch, there is a possibility Capcom will decide to port it to other platforms as well:

If this title sells extremely well we’ll consider it. We put a lot of thought into how this can be fully enjoyed on the Nintendo Switch, so for the time being it’s only going to be on Switch.

Currently, Ultra Street Fighter II is only scheduled for a release on Nintendo Switch although without any concrete release date.

Talking about the reason for porting Street Fighter II instead of some recent title, Ono said since Capcom hadn’t released any Street Fighter game on a Nintendo platform since Super Street Fighter 4 on Nintendo 3DS, the development team decided to bring a game that was reminiscent of the early days of the franchise, since it is the 30th anniversary of Street Fighter.

Ono also said:

We tried to figure out what we can do to bring Street Fighter to Nintendo. Considering how Nintendo caters to a wide audience of users, we wanted to go back to our roots. We thought that Street Fighter 2 would be the right fit, instead of bringing you a new game that would have a more complicated system

Since Ultra Street Fighter II is based off of Street Fighter Turbo, it was also important to update the gameplay in a sense that wouldn’t take away the identity but also make sure the current generation gamer can feel comfortable with the dated gameplay.

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