Ultra Street Fighter 2 Coming To Nintendo Switch On May 26

Nintendo Switch players are getting a chance to relive the old days, Ultra Street Fighter 2 The Final Challenger will launch for retail on Switch on May 26 2017.

Ultra Street Fighter 2 The Final Challenger will feature new control options, multiple game modes, online play, and lite controls for new players. Lite controls will allow players to perform the special move by just pressing a single button.

This game also supports Nintendo Switch Pro controller, that is available separately.

With Nintendo, Switch players can unite and take down CPU opponents in buddy battle, and take the challenge anywhere like the cafe, train station, and alleys. *not the dark ones avoid the dark alleys*

Nintendo Switch will provide this great Ultra Street Fighter 2 experience on the go, so players will no longer be restricted to their living rooms.

Above all, there is an addition of new characters like Violent Ken, and Evil Ryu in the roster. If like me you have wondered how these characters became evil and violent.

Allow me to explain, Ryu takes his evil form after succumbing to darkness, and Ken becomes violent Ken after being brainwashed by M.Bison, these characters are perfect for aggressive players.

Nintendo Switch will also offer players with modes like Arcade mode, Co-op Mode (buddy battle), Versus mode for fighting against friends or CPU opponent, and Online mode for online matches.

Players will be able to select between classic graphics and modern visuals, for their preferred gameplay. Characters can be customized in different colors using the color editor to give them a different look.

Nintendo Switch will reignite your fighting spirit, and with the new on the go feature, you will be able to take the battle with you everywhere.

Nintendo Switch will be able to show its full potential with this classic game, playing outside has got a whole new meaning.

Contributor at SegmentNext.