UFC 3 Ultimate Team Tips

UFC 3 is now out and it comes with a more refined and more engaging Ultimate Team mode. Similar to other Ultimate Teams, UFC 3 also follows the same criteria as you purchasing packs and cards and creating the perfect team of fighters. We have curated these UFC 3 Ultimate Team Tips for you so that you can easily understand the Ultimate Team aspect of UFC 3.

Below we have detailed all the important UFC 3 Ultimate Team Tips which include different game modes that you can play in the game, how you can build the best fighter team and how you can earn more tokens and coins for your team.

UFC 3 Ultimate Team Tips and Strategies

UFC Ultimate Team gives you three different types of modes in which you can compete with other fighters. They are Solo challenges, Single Player Challenges and Ultimate Championships.

Each provides different fun challenges and battles for you to experience. You will earn tokens from each challenge that you complete in these different modes.

Solo Challenges

Solo Challenges are basic challenges that you can play anytime you want to practice your skills and complete some challenges along the way. You will earn tokens as you complete the challenges.

Solo Challenges include a basic introduction and some practice levels that you play to get to know about the game and the challenges.

Completing these introduction and practice stages also give you tokens so you must play them for some easy tokens. Then you have Seasonal challenges.

These seasonal challenges are main events coming up in the real life and could be game exclusive too. These are major fights among famous fighters so they also give you a way to actually live the fights that happen around the world all in the comfort of your home. You will get different challenges to complete during these battles that you need to complete.

Challenges are marked according to their difficulty so hard challenges will give more rewards rather than easy ones. Each battle will give you different challenges so you can attempt and try to clear as many as you can while earning tokens. The last type of the Solo Challenges are the Skill Challenges.

These are further divided into three categories. Normal, Hard and Insane. These are based on difficulty and as you increase the difficulty, challenges become harder but will give better rewards. Normal will give you bronze tokens, hard will give you silver tokens while insane will give you gold tokens.

Single Player Championships

Your main Ultimate Team journey is these Single Player Championships. This is the place that will progress your career in the Ultimate Team mode. Your goal here is to advance in divisions.

As you play more and you get more wins and experience, you move to better and higher divisions.

As you progress more in the game, the opponents you face become harder and more challenging. This also means that you earn more rewards so it becomes a high difficulty with high reward game. Keep playing and try to win more fights as winning increases your ranking quickly in the divisions.

You can choose any of the fighters from your team from a specific category. You can fight with Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight or Women’s Bantamweight. Depending on the class of the fighter chosen, you will enter the battles of that specific class.

Ultimate Championships

These are the hardest ones and you must only start these when you are confident about your skills and you have gone through all there is to learn about the game. These are online fights and you will be fighting against other real-life players from around the world. The goal here is same.

You play and win fights to advance in the divisions. More you win, more you advance quickly in the divisions. These fights are not easy to make sure you have a decent deck and good fighting skills before heading to these battles.

You also get Daily Objectives in the Ultimate Championships, which you will have to complete every day, and they are a good source of rewards.

You get five objective every day and you must try to complete as many challenged as possible every day. They change every day so make sure that you do not miss any. The rewards range from packs to coins.

Division Leaderboards show you where you stack up against all the players around the world. Make sure that you keep checking these leaderboards to check where you stand. They are also a source of motivation for you to improve your game so you can climb to the top of these leaderboards.


Coins are the basic form of currency in the Ultimate Team mode that you win from fights. These coins can be used in the store to purchase different packs. These packs will give you different cards, which range from fighters to consumables.

Better packs cost you more coins but they will give you better rewards such as the Premium Pack ensures that you get one Gold rated card, which will give you a very high rated reward.

You should always use the coins wisely because they depend on how much you grind the game. As you play more fights, you will earn more coins.


There are different tokens that you will earn during the Ultimate Team journey. These are divided into three types. You have bronze, silver and gold tokens. Each type of token unlocks the specific type of moves, skills, and fighters. Better the token, better the reward is.

You will really want to earn as many gold tokens as you want because they will be used to unlock the gold fighters, which are the best fighters in the game.

You can also unlock gold moves with these gold tokens. Silver and bronze unlock their respective moves and fighters but these gold ones are the ones that you really want to go after.

Building your Team

The team you build in UFC 3 Ultimate Team consists of four fighters, one for each category. The categories are Lightweight, Middleweight, Heavyweight or Women’s Bantamweight.

Initially, you will be prompted to complete the UUT tutorial so that you can learn about the mode. Once you’ve completed it, you will have a pack in your inbox with some UUT items.

The first few bonus items that you will include a Tony Ferguson fighter item, a Bronze hook and a random Bronze fighter for Middleweight, Heavyweight, and Women’s Bantamweight.

To have better fighters on your team, you will have to earn more coins and buy packs. Packs will unlock more cards for you choose and add them to your team.

You can customize every fighter in your team. You also have the option of applying different bonuses to them, which will give them a bonus in one or more specific stats.

For some characters, you can even edit the appearances. If you want, you can also change the fight kits of the fighters. All this can be done in the My Team section of the Ultimate Team mode.

If you want to change a fighter on your team, simply go to the category, select the fighter and then click ‘Select Fighter’. This will open up a menu where you can choose a different fighter that you own of that specific category.

Make sure that you get all gold class fighters for all categories as quickly as possible. This will make your team formidable and you can win fights much easier.


The sets section of the Ultimate Team is a very handy section. It allows you to tinker with three aspects of your UFC 3 Ultimate Team Journey, which are Token, purchase Seasonal Items and Champions.

The Token section allows you to redeem tokens that you have collected, craft more tokens, upgrade tokens or buy starter sets.

You must keep your cards and tokens safe until you can understand this section. Here you can craft gold moves and gold fighters as well if you have enough tokens and coins.

Never quick sell you cards and keep them safe for potential crafting use later. The upgrade section allows you to upgrade bronze tokens to silver tokens and silver tokens to gold tokens.

Utilize Item Scouting

In this section, you will get five different cards ranging from fighters, moves to perks. This section keeps updating regularly and old cards are replaced with new cards.

You can purchase these cards if you have the coins for them. It basically identifies potential purchases for you and keeps the section updated so that you can find and buy cards easily without the need of crafting them and purchasing packs.

If you are interested in buying a card but you do not have the coins, you have the option of locking the coin in the menu.

If locked, the coin will not move or rotate once the timer is up, it will stick there unless you go to the menu and unlock it. It is a good way to keep track of the cards that you really want to save for.

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