UFC 3 Ultimate Team Coins Guide – How To Farm, Easy Coins Farming Tips

In UFC 3, earning coins is not easy and you need a lot of coins for the Ultimate Team mode so that you can buy Premium Packs and unlock better players. It is a very time-consuming process and requires you to grind the game a lot. This is what our UFC 3 Ultimate Team Coins Guide is all about!

While most of the players love to grind games for coins, some of the players want it to be a little easy, as they do not want to spend too much time doing the same thing repeatedly.

Here we have a simple and short method for you to get some UFC 3 Ultimate Team Coins really fast. With this method, you can easily get as many coins as you want in quite a short time. Although it also accounts as a grinding process this is a very quick way of earning some serious coin.

UFC 3 Ultimate Team Coins

Normally, you would win fights and play more matches to win coins. Each match takes a different set of time to complete. Although you will earn coins after every match you finish, the time it takes to complete the match varies.

Some matches can be too time-consuming as well especially in the Ultimate Team.

Here we have a simple method which will reduce the time it takes to complete a match. Finishing a fight quickly means earning coin quickly. This is not a cheat or hack but just simply a workaround since currently, the AI is a little clunky.

For this method, you will need a grappler or a wrestler. You will be facing AI for this. Although you will get fewer coins for playing against the AI, it takes very little time to complete a match.

For such a short time, you can easily make up for the fewer coins. Start an offline match with AI and when the match starts, instantly ground them.

You want to aim for a takedown immediately. This will pin your opponent down to the ground and make you go in half-guard stance. Once you enter in this mode, just stay on your opponent and then wait for their stamina to fill completely. Once it is full, they will try to transition to your back.

When they try to make the transition, all you need to do is deny them this transition. Continue doing this until their stamina runs out completely.

Once they have run out of their stamina, you simply need to transition to sidesaddle or side control. If its sidesaddle then you need to turn to side-control and then start hitting them with your elbows.

Continue this and they will be knocked out soon. This will end the match quickly. This takes around 1 minute and 15 seconds to complete a match like this if everything goes according to the plan.

Continue this for another match and in 2 minutes and 30 seconds, you will complete two matches and earn a lot of coins.

If you keep this going for at least one hour and most of the matches go without any hiccup, you will earn around 29,000 coins in 1 hour. This is a bit of a grind as well but it will not take much of your time for the coins you earn through this process.

Currently, the AI does nothing to block this even when their stamina is full. They will simply sit there and are knocked out. You can use this to your advantage and earn as much coin as possible.

Even if you mess up a little when they resist getting down or make a successful transition, you can still complete a match much quicker if you try this process again.

This is actually an AI bug, as they do nothing to block it. EA might patch this in future when they make the AI better in different situations. As of now, you can use this method to collect as many coins as possible quickly.

This concludes our UFC 3 Ultimate Team Coins Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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