UFC 3 Guide – Fighter Classes, Online Component, Ultimate Team

Below you will find a detailed UFC 3 Guide on what type of fighters you can use in UFC 3, how you can use different moves and skills to your advantage and what you should avoid in the ring.

We have also detailed different new modes and also the all-new Career mode of UFC 3. You will also find some information about the new Ultimate Team mode of UFC 3.

UFC 3 Guide – Tips and Strategies

UFC 3 is the newest installment in the UFC franchise by EA. It comes fully loaded with new modes and features never before seen in any UFC game. Here we have curated a detailed guide for you regarding different aspects of UFC 3.

We also have some tips and tricks for you so that you can easily jump in the ring and start dominating the competition.

Fighter Classes

UFC 3 comes with 10 unique classes based on the weight. You can choose any fighter class based on your preference. The weight classes included in UFC 3 are Flyweight, Bantamweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Middleweight, Light heavyweight, Heavyweight, Women’s Strawweight, and Women’s Bantamweight.

Having so many fighter categories means that there is a large roster of fighters each belonging to one of these categories.

You can choose any fighter that suits your playstyle. Having such variety of fighters is surely going to help to keep the life of the game long as you can switch to another class if you are starting to get bored with your current class.

Try to Land your Head Kicks

Missing a Head Kick in UFC 3 is huge. It will cost you a lot of stamina and it will put you in a very vulnerable position for a counter Head Kick.

As you know it, stamina is everything in UFC 3. You need to make sure that all stamina is used well. Emptying the stamina will do you no good when you are missing hits as well.

Make sure that your Head Kicks always land on your opponent because if landed, they will not use a lot of stamina.

However, if you manage to miss a head kick, it will cost you a lot of stamina and will put you in a position where the opponent can easily make their move.

Even if your opponent blocks the kick, it will not drain as much stamina and your fighter will return to fighting stance quickly.

Always try to land the Head Kicks on your opponents otherwise; you will be wasting a lot of stamina. Missing Head Kicks is definitely not something that should be on your to-do list in UFC 3.

Plant your Feet

During a fight in UFC 3, you will be moving around a lot. Whether you are trying to avoid the opponent’s hits or simply trying to attack from a different angle, you will always be moving. You can also strike the opponent while moving. These moves, however, will not deal as much damage as you want to.

To deal with this, what you can do is when you strike your opponent, you can plant your feet to the ground and then land some serious strikes.

All attacks landed when your feet are planted will deal extra damage to the opponent and will also make it easier for you to land more attacks. Moving while attacking might also make you miss some vital attacks.


UFC 3 comes with many new and advanced features whether they are game modes or in-combat moves and skills. You need to make sure that you are aware of all such elements of the game.

For this, you need to practice. Practicing is vital for UFC 3. The more you practice, better your game will become. UFC 3 comes with a special practice mode for this.

You can use the practice mode for as long as you like. Practice landing combos, try different fighters and find the best one suiting to your playstyle.

You can learn new moves and tricks to use in the real fights in practice mode. Whether it is attacking you want to strengthen or want to buff up your defense, practice mode should be your mode to play.

Take the Fight Online

UFC3 comes with many online modes where you can take the fight to your friends and the world in online fights. Some of these modes are new to UFC 3 but they are worth playing.

Some of these modes are meant to be played with friends while most of them are fun online too.

Different modes included in UFC 3 are Stand and Bang, Knockout Mode, Submission Showdown, Custom Fight and Tournament Mode.

All these modes are unique and allow you to experience UFC 3 in different ways. Stand and Bang and Submission Showdown limit you to certain moves only. Stand and Band is standing only fight in Submission Showdown you are on the ground.

Tournament Mode is a good mode for playing with friends as it plays more like a survival mode. The player who defeats the most fighters wins.

Custom Fights are fights where you can set the fight parameters according to your liking. This is great for practicing specific mechanics in controlled and favorable conditions.

The last mode Knockout is actually a unique mode. Each subsequent attack does more damage than the last one.

This causes some really intense moments and tests your defense skills in a game. Defense plays a major role in this game mode as you need to avoid attacks that deal more and more damage,

Play the Career Mode

UFC 3 comes with a totally revamped Career Mode that offers you a great narrative story complete with cutscenes.

You can play the Career to become the Greatest of All Time in the world of UFC. It also features a choice system so you need to be very careful while making these choices as they will shape your story.

During your Career, you will get different opportunities to create the ultimate fighter by gaining fans, defeating your rivals and earning big money.

The Career mode of UFC 3 is not to be missed and we highly recommend that you play it if you want a good diversion from the normal online fights and Ultimate Team scene.

Ultimate Team

UFC 3 also comes with a brand new Ultimate Team mode. Build your ultimate team, earn coins, trade players, craft tokens and reach the top of the divisions and leaderboards in the Ultimate Team. It features many online and offline challenges for you to complete.

The Ultimate Team mode of UFC 3 is perhaps the best Ultimate Team mode ever seen in a UFC game. We highly recommend that you play the Ultimate Team mode as well.

It is just like Fifa and other sports games’ Ultimate Team and allows you the same freedom like other games do when it comes to building the ultimate teams.

This concludes our UFC 3 Guide. If you want to add anything to this guide, feel free to use the comments section below!

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