Ubisoft’s Rabbids and Mario Crossover Announced, Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle

E3 2017 day 2 is underway and what a start! PC gaming show gave us plenty of exciting news and now Ubisoft’s press event has kicked off with a bang. Mario and Ubisoft have joined forces!

Yes, Ubisoft’s Rabbids and Mario crossover has been confirmed. Ubisoft invited Miyamoto on stage during its press conference to announce a new game called Mario+Rabbids Kingdom Battle. The game is coming to Nintendo Switch, exclusively.

Rabbids and Mario crossover was long rumored and the first report came back in 2016. Ubisoft and Nintendo partnered for Switch and this is the first major title to arrive as part of their deal. The game has been in development for 3 years and is going to release later this year for Nintendo’s handheld device.

The sources claimed that the game does not have an official title yet but the working title was“Mario RPG: Invasion of the Rabbids.” But as now know, the Rabbids and Mario crossover is called Kindom Battle. The title is being developed under the supervision of Nintendo to make sure a proper experience that is in line with Microsoft’s vision is delivered.

It is being described as a “tactical adventure” by Ubisoft. The Rabbids have invaded the Mario world and have teamed up with Mario to save the mushroom kingdom. There are different phases of gameplay – combat, and tactical.

Tactical aka adventure phase will allow players to explore the game’s world while combat phase will put the players up against wacky enemies.

The game is playable at E3 2017 at Ubisoft’s and Nintendo’s booths. Those who aren’t attending E3 2017 can benefit from future online coverage and details released via Ubisoft blog.

Mario+Rabbids: Kindom Battle is coming out on August 29.

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