Ubisoft Unveils Watch Dogs Legion Microtransactions, Buy Cosmetics And Operatives

Ubisoft has gone into depth explaining how Watch Dogs Legion microtransactions will work and what they'll contain.

With Watch Dogs Legion releasing next week after delays, Ubisoft has now done the obvious and announced that Watch Dogs Legion microtransactions will also be in the game on its release. The microtransactions will allow players to buy cosmetics, a collectibles map, ETO packs (ETO is in-game currency), and even new operatives.

Considering the game is so different from other Watch Dogs games, it’s not a surprise that the company is going down this route. Players will have more customization and character options than ever before, as Watch Dogs Legion promises to be on an even grander scale than the previous games.

Getting microtransactions for new characters isn’t exactly a new thing in open-world games. In its first few years of release, Middle-Earth: Shadow of War allowed players to buy loot boxes that contained orc captains, before the transactions were removed in an update back in 2018.

Of course, it’s entirely possible to earn all of these things just by playing the normal way, the Watch Dogs Legions microtransactions are just a way for players to cut down on grinding. Cosmetics in-game cost in-game money after all, and grinding for ETO can be quite a pain, to say nothing of looking around for new DedSec recruits.

DedSec recruits can be prone to meeting any number of fates, ranging from being arrested, to dying to the police, to even just up and dying randomly, especially if they’re elderly or in poor health. While you can pick almost anyone off the street, you might want to cut out the middleman with a small payment.

Even if you can use them to buy characters, the Watch Dogs Legion microtransactions could be worse, being like NBA 2K21’s advertisements or the microtransactions Battlefront 2 could have launched with, where you’d have to buy heroes that should have been in the game at the start.

You’ll be able to make the decision to use the game’s microtransactions or not when Watch Dogs Legion comes out on October 29 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4, and PC, or on Xbox Series X and Playstation 5 later this year.

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