Ubisoft Reveals Details Of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Blood Orchid Operators

While the full and official reveal of operators is still a few days away, Ubisoft has released more information regarding the gadgets of 3 new operators that are coming to Rainbow Six Siege with the next content update as part of Operation Blood Orchid.

Although pretty much all the details regarding these operators was already known through leaks, it is nice to see an official Ubiblog post giving detailed information on each new operator of Rainbow Six Siege and what makes them unique in the character roster.

Starting off, in the order of teaser reveals, is Ying, the attacker from Hong Kong CTU. Ying carries with her three Candela devices which were shown in her trailer as small electronic orb like grenades which she can throw around. These Candela devices shoot flash charges in the air and can blind anyone in the area except for Ying. While these devices can be thrown like grenades, players can also use them similar to Fuze’s Cluster Charge and deploy them on breachable surfaces so after the room is flashed, players can rush in with her LMG or shotgun to deal with the blinded enemies.

The second operator from Hong Kong CTU is the defender Lesion who deploys Gu mines that inject poison needles into enemies if they trip the mines. These needles work somewhat like Echo’s Yokai drone and disorient the enemy while also dealing damage over time. The attackers can, however, remove the needles from their legs. The Gu mines have a cloaking mechanism to them so IQ will be needed to counter this Rainbow Six Siege operator.

The final new operator for this season is the Polish GROM operator, Ela, who carries Grzmot mines and works as a fast speed defender. Similar to Echo’s Yokai, these mines can also disorient enemies but are on a proximity sensor instead of manual detonation. Ela also carries a unique pistol with her, which for the first time in the game marks the inclusion of an optic sight on a pistol.

Rainbow Six Siege is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The game is in Year 2 of its release right now with free content updates delivered every few months. Operation Blood Orchid, the 3rd major update for the game is set to be revealed during Gamescom this week.

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