New Ubisoft Open World Game Apparently Coming, Survey Sent Out

There appears to be a new Ubisoft open world game in the works, according to a survey recently leaked on a Reddit post. While we know nothing about the game, it does appear to be a new property, but we’ll just have to wait and see what Ubisoft actually says.

The survey that the leaker talked about says that it asked about a number of various preferences of his, including likes and dislikes that will likely govern what sort of side content will be included in the open world game.

Questions included things like if they liked games with puzzles, mazes, and character backstories, what other open-world games they might have played, and more, all of which will likely figure into exactly what is included in the game or how it’s marketed.

Ubisoft open world games are some of the most prominent ones on the market, and include titles like the Far Cry games, Assassin’s Creed games, The Division, Watch Dogs, Ghost Recon, and most recently Gods and Monsters, though the last one still doesn’t have a release date and we only got leaked gameplay last week.

Of course, rather than being a full-on new game, the survey could be in regards either to a game that’s already been announced. Considering the Gods and Monsters gameplay we saw was part of an extremely early alpha build, Ubisoft may have released the survey to help establish what sort of content players would like in it.

Along with talking about the survey, the original poster also linked the actual survey itself. So, if you’re interested in giving your own thoughts on what you might like to see in a Ubisoft open world game, you can follow the link here to see for yourself.

In the meantime, considering all of the gaming news coming out this summer to replace E3, hopefully we’ll get a lot of Ubisoft news on upcoming games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, and more.