Report: Ubisoft To Explode The Internet With A Nintendo Related Reveal

Nintendo has made quite a splash with Nintendo Switch and its lineup of first and third-party titles, however, Nintendo might be breaking the internet again this year in a few days according to a Ubisoft dev.

Ubisoft Montreuil’s Lightning and 3D animator, “Ubi-PandaR0o – 任天堂スイッチ” took it to the twitter and revealed that Ubisoft is planning something big which will be revealed in a few days and added that whatever it is will break the internet again this year.

WARNING: I don’t say anything for the moment and I don’t say it’s related to Ubisoft atm Something related to Nintendo is coming Stay Tuned for more information in a few days. Internet is going to explode again !

Speaking or rumors and leaks, A Pokemon RPG for Switch might be coming in 2018. Recently Nintendo Europe surveyed its fans asking them what game they plan to buy in next 12 months.

The survey gave a lot of options and in addition to Bayonetta 3, one option for players to choose was Pokemon RPG for Switch. This indicates that Nintendo is planning a Pokemon RPG for Nintendo Switch.

Also, the developer behind Pokemon Ultra Sun And Moon has plans for developing a Pokemon title for Switch, as the developer has noted that Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is the last Pokemon title for 3DS.

With Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, we’ve tried to eke that out more and really, really push the system to its absolute limits. We’re now feeling that perhaps this is the maximum of what we can get out.

Furthermore, the survey also included an option for Bayonetta 3 which is rumored to release in Summer 2018 and this survey gives us another hint that the company is planning to release Bayonetta 3 for Switch this year.

Also, later today Nintendo will be revealing a “New Way to Play”. According to the company, they will be introducing something for the kids and for those who are kids at heart.

Whatever it is going to be will not be related to Virtual Reality(VR) and Switch itself is not powerful enough to play games in virtual reality. Furthermore, it isn’t going to be for everyone.

What do you think Ubisoft will be bringing that will explode the internet? Let us know in the comments.

Source: Twitter

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