Ubisoft Recommits NFT Plans Outside Of Ghost Recon Breakpoint

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint will no longer receive any more content, including its controversial NFTs called Digits that publisher Ubisoft distributes through the Quartz ecosystem. However, just as there will be another Ghost Recon game down the road, so will be more NFTs to look forward to.

In a statement issued to GamesIndustry.biz earlier today, Ubisoft congratulated (and thanked) all Ghost Recon Breakpoint players who purchased their first Digits to become part of the Quartz ecosystem.

“You own a piece of the game and have left your mark in its history,” said Ubisoft before adding that players should “stay tuned for more updates with features to the platform and future drops coming with other games.”

Ubisoft introduced NFTs with Ghost Recon Breakpoint in the form of in-game cosmetics for characters and weapons that were imprinted with unique serial numbers. While the items would still look the same for everyone, their individual serial numbers would make each item unique to their respective owners.

NFTs were originally pitched to be usable in other games, not just the game in which they are purchased. Ghost Recon Breakpoint received its last Digit on March 17 but unless Ubisoft comes forward with clarification, all Digits purchased in Breakpoint will be usable in only Breakpoint.

That being said, those Digits could possibly be used in future Ghost Recon games if Ubisoft is still bent on supporting NFTs at the time.

Ubisoft is one of many publishers that announced support for NFTs but one of few still committed following backlash from the public. Ubisoft sees its Quartz platform as a “paradigm shift in gaming” and intends to keep supporting its blockchain venture in the future.

Ubisoft will still be maintaining the online servers of Ghost Recon Breakpoint as well as Ghost Recon Wildlands for the time being. “We truly hope you will continue to enjoy the game and have fun playing solo or co-op with your friends.”

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