Ubisoft is Using an Actual Video Game to Teach Video Game Design

Ubisoft is doing something amazing by offering a video game to teach video game design. It is one of the most unique solutions out there but it’s only available to students.

Ubisoft has partnered with Concordia University to develop a video game design course that’ll keep students engaged at all times. The course itself is a video game called Game Creator’s Odyssey. It tries to teach University students game design via the tale of Nagato, a feudal japan-era Ninja.

Students must examine and analyze concrete examples and Ubisoft games like Assassin’s Creed to learn video game design. The Game Creator’s Odyssey has challenges to complete which give you Learning Experience points.

Learning Experience points help unlock content such as developer interviews and advance the story of Nagato. To complete the course and the game they must create their own video game concept and submit it to The Game Creator’s Odyssey.

Game Creators’ Odyssey from Doru on Vimeo.

Olivier Palmieri, Game Director at Ubisoft Montreal, said:

The Game Creators’ Odyssey is based on the expertise we have acquired at Ubisoft over the past 30 years and internal training for our developers around the world. It is a great pleasure to adapt this training for universities and share our knowledge in videogame development with the next generation of creators

The Game Creator’s Odyssey course is divided into two main acts and is available in English and French at the moment. Act 1 is live right now with Act 2 coming next year during the Spring season.

The video game design course is created to easily integrate into different academic contexts. Ubisoft plans to partner with more Universities to provide its video game design course to the creators of the future. It is a great initiative, one that will help thousands of aspiring game developers.

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