Ubisoft Has No Plans for The Division 2 Crossplay

The Division 2 is not getting crossplay, according to Ubisoft. Speaking with Segmentnext, Ubisoft confirmed through an email that for the time being, The Division 2 crossplay is not on the cards. However, while there are no plans for the time being, it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t expect something in the future.

The Division 2 is a massive multiplayer focused game that brings up to 4-players together in an open world.

It is one a PvE focused experienced for the most part and could benefit from crossplay features. Crossplay is something many notable IPs are using these days. The original The Division lacked crossplay and one hoped to see it in the sequel.

Sadly, there are no crossplay plans for The Division as confirmed by Ubisoft. The Division 2 is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game is exclusive to uPlay and Epic Games Store.

Epic Games is the creator of  Fortnite, the maker has always been in support of crossplay. Fortnite is one of the first games that support cross-platform at a large scale. Working with Epic Games Store for crossplay wouldn’t have been too difficult for Ubisoft.

It still won’t be if the publisher of The Division 2 ever decides to implement crossplay. Major publishers like Sony, Microsoft have been in support of crossplay as well. If sometime in the future The Division 2 developers plan cross-platform play for consoles and PC, there isn’t much standing in the way of that. In fact, reports claim future console hardware will support crossplay from the get-go.

Ubisoft developers are working on supporting the game in the long run. Many content updates, as well as patches, are planned for the coming week.

Just now, Ubisoft released an update to deal with a handful of issues and make sure weapons are running fine. More updates are expected soon.

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