Ubisoft “Very Happy” With Nintendo Switch, Plans To Increase Its Investment

Nintendo Switch has been receiving praises from third-party developers since its launch and now Ubisoft has revealed that the company is happy with the console as the console has brought in 19% of the revenue for its latest financial quarter.

Speaking during Ubisoft’s quarterly financial call, CEO Yves Guillemot revealed that the company is “Very Happy” with the software sales on Nintendo Switch. To put things into perspective, Xbox accounted for a total of 20% of revenue for the company latest quarter.

Given that Switch is a relatively new console its capacity to bring in revenue is quite impressive. Mario+Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and Rayman Legends were the main contributors to the revenue. According to Ubisoft, they are confident that their games will keep on selling throughout the Holiday season which in turn will significantly increase the company revenue.

Furthermore, Ubisoft plans to further invest in Nintendo Switch and noted that they are excited about the launch of Just Dance 18 on Switch and expects it sell even better than Just Dance 17.

In related news, Ubisoft also launched Assassin’s Creed Origins last month which has brought the series back on track as Assassin’s Creed Origins launch sales were double compared to AC: Syndicate which is a good sign for the franchise since Syndicate saw a significant dip in sales when it launched in 2015.

Also, Ubisoft is not alone who plans to invest more into Nintendo Switch as Bandai Namco has confirmed that 3 new Switch games will be announced between Summer and Spring 2018. According to the company, it has enough resources at its disposal through which is can develop games for PC and current-gen consoles along with focusing on Switch.

Assassin’s Creed Origins is a third-person action adventure game developed by Ubisoft for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The events in the game showcase the birth of Assassin’s Brotherhood whose mission is to maintain peace and freedom.

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