The Community Reacts to Ubisoft Dev Threatening PewDiePie, “We Won’t Buy The Division 2”

Update 2: A Ubisoft Insider has shared his views about the Dianna Lora and PewDiePie situation. According to him, she is out of the few bad eggs at the company.

Update: Ubisoft has reportedly fired Dianna from her position at the company.

Original Story: Yesterday, we reported that one of the developers working at Ubisoft Massive, Dianna, gave a veiled death threat to YouTuber PewDiePie. She posted on Twitter and expressed her misinformed opinion about PewDiePie’s shout out to an anti-semitic channel. PewDiePie explained the situation in one of his videos but his explanation wasn’t enough for this one Ubisoft employee.

While Ubisoft is silent about the matter and didn’t release any statement regarding her public accusations and threats to PewDiePie, the community isn’t taking too kindly to her misguided anger. The community wants Ubisoft to take action and made sure such a hateful person is at least kept in check during her time at the company.

People are demanding Ubisoft takes action against public hateful behavior from one of its employees. This is a developing story so we will have more for you once further developments come to light.

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