Ubisoft Debunks the Blade Game Rumor

Ubisoft has officially slashed the rumor that a new Blade game is in development at Ubisoft.

Recently, thanks to some Instagram posts, a rumor started circulating that Ubisoft could be working on Blade game in relation to the upcoming Blade movie from Marvel Studios. However, the rumor has now been officially debunked by Ubisoft on Twitter:

Since the rumor was catching fire quickly, Ubisoft probably thought that it’s necessary to slash it before it goes out of hand. However, they are indeed excited about the upcoming Movie from Marvel Studios.

Super-hero AAA games have gaining a lot of traction since last few years and both Marvel and DC seem eager to bring more new games for the fans. A Blade game would have been awesome but for now, we will have to stay contented with what has been confirmed officially so far. Marvel’s Midnight Suns from Firaxis Games, Wolverine and Spider-Man 2 from Insomniac Games are the confirmed Marvel Games titles so far.

However a new Black Panther game from EA is rumored along with a potential Iron Man game. Moreover, a senior Marvel Games director has multiple unannounced games mentioned on his profile on LinkedIn indicating that we would be hearing about more Marvel gaming projects soon.

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