Ubisoft Announces Far Cry 5 With No Details, More Information Expected at E3 2017

Ubisoft has finally announced Far Cry 5, though so far they haven’t released any other details beyond the title. Ubisoft also hasn’t given out a release window, though considering Far Cry Primal only came out last year it’s probably for the best. Hopefully we’ll get more information at E3 next month.

Without any real details there’s no telling when we’ll get the game or where, exactly, it will take place. The last two mainline Far Cry games have taken place in isolated (yet beautiful) areas, a tropical island and the Nepal-like country of Kyrat.

However, if Ubisoft follows the formula for Far Cry 5 we’ll likely be getting yet another psychotic antagonist, a moral choice at the end of the game, and plenty of space to run around in, wild animals to hunt, and collectibles to grab.

However, Ubisoft may change up the formula in other ways, like they have with the past few Far Cry games. Taming animals was one of the more interesting things you could do in Primal, especially making everything flee from you in terror if you tamed a honey badger.

On the other hand, Far Cry 4 had the more mythological aspect, with the demons and tiger in Shangri-La. Various other settings have been guessed by Far Cry fans for the next game, and when it’s announced we’ll likely know for sure where we’re going, especially if Ubisoft dedicates a significant portion of its E3 program to it.

The last few Far Cry games have all gotten either critical acclaim or positive reviews, bringing the series back into the mainstream after Far Cry 2, which came out in 2008. The six-year gap appears to have been the last big Far Cry gap, since each Far Cry has come out roughly two years after the previous one.

Either way, we’ll have to wait until either E3 or when Ubisoft puts more information out to learn where we’re going in Far Cry 5.