Two Worlds 2 Troubleshooting Guide

Two Worlds 2 makes its way to store shelves today, and you may have to apply all the release day patches instantly if you want to play the game hassle-free. I recommend you to install the patches and hotfixes of the game already released before you start playing the game. If you still experience any problem running the game, refer to our Two Worlds 2 troubleshooting guide.

Two Worlds 2 Troubleshooting Errors and Crashes

Setup.exe/Autorun Error – Can’t Install Two Worlds 2
If you are having trouble installing the game on your PC. You can follow these instructions to resolve this problem.

  1. Create a directory – Two Worlds 2 on your hard drive.
  2. Copy all the content from the DVD into this directory.
  3. Delete “autorun.exe” and “AUTORUN.INF” from the data you copied.
  4. Now start Setup.exe as administrator.

Mouse Doesn’t Work Properly with Two Worlds 2 – Invisible Mouse Fix
If your mouse is not working properly with Two Worlds 2 like the cursor is invisible. Follow these instructions to resolve this problem.
If you have Xbox 360 controller connected to your PC – Unplug the controller, and restart.

Navigate to the Options Menu > Interface > and deactivate the Hardware Cursor Option, save the changes and restart the game.

Note. Navigation in the menu is possible even if the mouse-cursor isn’t visible, the cursor is only on the background. You can still navigate the menu as menu fonts will get highlighted if you move the mouse.

Disappearing Enemies Bug
If you are experiencing random disappearance of enemies in the game. Make sure you have updated DirectX and Video Card drivers installed.

Random Freezes
Make your card isn’t overclocked. It may due to overheating.

Two Worlds 2 Crashes After Splash Screen
Make sure that “AA” and “AF” in the Catalyst Control Center are set to “Application controlled”.

Two Worlds 2 Performance Fix For AMD
If you are on AMD video card and experiencing performance issues with Two Worlds 2. Try reverting back to the old driver 10.9 and see if that resolves the issue. Or you can disable Catalyst A.I to fix this issue.
To do this:

  1. Go to Catalyst Control Center.
  2. Click Graphics.
  3. Click on 3D.
  4. Click on AI and make sure “Disable A.I.” is ticked.
  5. Apply the settings.

Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 Crashes
Console version of the game randomly crashes in the general area of chegnaddar and hatmandor making it impossible to do quests. We have confirmed that a patch has already been submitted to Sony/Microsoft to be released this week. This patch will fix this issue and other minor issues like disappearing enemies.

DirectX 10 Freezes
Let me guess, game runs perfect for you in DirectX 9 but whenever you try to run the game in DirectX 10, it freezes after few seconds. Leaving you only the option to restart your computer. Seems like its a driver bug, and can be resolved by reverting back to old drivers. Mostly this issue has been reported by people with nVidia GPU’s.

Two Worlds 2 has Stopped Working – Fix
If you try to run the game and encounter this error. Re-install nVidia Phys X driver package. This issue has only been reported by the people with nVidia cards so the solution is specific to nVidia cards.

Voice Over Cut Off Issue
Seems like different EU versions of the game may have main character’s voice over missing. You may experience voice over cut off from time to time. This happens only with the main character, all else is fine.

Screen Resolution Bug – DirectX 10
If you run the game on DirectX 10 and your resolution appears to cut off the screen or stretched to the bottom right corner making the game unplayable. While everything is fine if you run the game in DirectX 9. To resolve this bug, right click on “twoworlds2_dx10 exe”, go to Properties, and click on compatibility tab. Now, check ‘Disable Display Scaling on High DPI Settings’.

Torchlight/Light Bug – Fix
When you are in Dark places and try to use the torch light or any medium of light, it still stays dark making the game impossible to play at night time in game. Disable AA in Graphics options and in Driver Control Panel to resolve this issue.

Two Worlds 2 Stuck at Loading Screen
If you are running the game on DirectX 11, roll back to DirectX 9 and try to run the game. It will load just fine.

Two Worlds 2 Slow Auto Saves Bug – Fix
Some player have reported long time of making savegames in full screen. It is possibly caused by taking screen shot. Save screen shots can be turned off by console command: game.MakeSaveScreenShot 0. You can add this command to autosaveGame3.con file in Parameters subdirectory of save game.

Two Worlds 2 Distorted Images – Graphics Bug – Fix
If you are getting distorted images – lines going all over the screen while playing the game. Try rolling back to the 10.9 Drivers for ATI.

Blackscreen while In-Game Cinematics
If you see blackscreen while in-game cinematics is playing in the background. Try to deactivate HD Videos in the options. Or just rename the “sc3_video.wmv” to “sc3_videoxxx.wmv”.

Try our Two Worlds 2 Tweak Guide to fix the rest of the issues you may come across. You can also try Two Worlds 2 Essential Mods to enhance the game.

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