Two Upcoming Resident Evil 7 DLC Packs Get New Trailer, Screenshots

The last two Resident Evil 7 DLC packs, End of Zoe and Not A Hero, have gotten a new trailer and some new screenshots to go along with it. These will be the final two DLC packs for the game and both will be coming out sometime around December 12.

End of Zoe will finally wrap up the story of Zoe Baker, the daughter of the Baker family who managed to escape Eveline’s mind-control and didn’t turn violently insane like her family. However, we never got a resolution to her story (at least, canonically), as she disappears from the game if Ethan decides to inject Mia, his wife, with the antidote. It focuses on Zoe as she meets a swamp-dwelling man named Joe.

Not A Hero, the other Resident Evil 7 DLC pack we’ll be getting will hopefully explain exactly what the hell Chris Redfield was doing working with the Umbrella Corporation at the end of the game. The Not A Hero DLC will focus on Chris as he hunts down Lucas Baker, the one member of the Baker family who escaped and who had been cured of Eveline’s fungi by a special serum given to him by Umbrella.

These two Resident Evil 7 DLC packs will hopefully wrap up all the loose ends from Resident Evil 7, and when they release on December 12, Not A Hero will be releasing for free while End of Zoe will be available for $14.99. Both of the DLC packs will be free if you buy the Resident Evil 7 Gold Edition, and will also be available for free to season pass holders.

If you want to see the trailer for yourself, all you have to do is follow this link. You can see the screenshots for both of the DLC packs further up the page, so take a look at them if you want a Resident Evil fix.