Two Point Hospital Monobeasts Guide

The cleanliness of your hospital is compromised severely whenever those Monobeasts crawl along the ground giving both the patients and your hospital rating a scare. Follow our Two Point Hospital Monobeasts Guide to find out how to get rid of these pests.

While you have to pay your full attention towards the patients and the treatments going on, maintenance and cleanliness of the hospital itself is also crucial.

Two Point Hospital Monobeasts

Monobeasts are small, worm-like creatures that you can surely classify as creepy-crawlies. They represent poor hygiene controls and lazy janitors who are likely to overlook these small creatures.

Where to Find Monobeasts
Often it will be hard to find these creatures based on their size alone, and much, much tougher to catch and bring them down because of their rather high agility and movement.

Sometimes, it will be a task even a group of Janitors working together will not be able to solve.

However, having many Janitors will help limit the Monobeasts count to a small one; you are still not completely same from them.

In such a case, you are best to go out on it all alone. We are talking about killing these small bastards manually. Firstly, you will need to track them down.

These can be found in all sorts of places ranging from benches, vending machines to smaller objects like a flowerpot or trash bins.

Once you have acquired some, make sure your game speed is set to normal otherwise; they are a nightmare to catch.

Shoot Monobeasts
For actual execution, simply aim for the Monobeasts, select them and choose the Shoot option to get rid of them.

As long as you are always on the lookout and do this tiring but essential job on your own, there will not be any insects or worms crawling around and having a bad effect on your hospital’s reputation.

This is all we have in our Two Point Hospital Monobeasts Guide. If there is anything else that you would like to add, let us know in the comments section below!

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