How to Remove Ghosts in Two Point Hospital

What is scarier than losing a patient to death? Having that patient come back again is not the most human form. Yes, if you want to get rid of the patient’s ghosts, no matter what business they may have come looking for, you should definitely follow our Two Point Hospital Ghosts Guide.

Two Point Hospital Ghosts

Whenever a patient dies, whether naturally or via a mistake on your part (the hospital crew), there is a decent chance that the soul remains even when the body does not.

There are plenty of ways to mess up the treatment of a person, delaying the treatment or not giving them proper attention. All of this may lead to a white ghost (out of your cartoon illustrations) roaming the hallways of your hospital.

This is not ideal for the patients themselves who already have so much to go through and even not desirable for the ghost itself who will be helplessly roaming outside the body of the host. Therefore, definitely a no-no for the hospital and its inhabitants.

To get rid of the ghosts, simply, you will need to look for a hospital crew worker with the suitable perk or skill who can drive away the ghosts. The worker you are looking for is the Janitor Ghostbuster.

A ghost icon above their heads indicates such staff members. They are experts when it comes to capturing ghosts in little jars.

How to Hire Ghostbuster

There are basically two ways of recruiting Ghostbusters to sweep away the wandering spirits.

  1. Look for a Janitor Ghostbuster in your hospital (If there is someone in crew).
  2. Hire an outside Ghost Consultant (If you don’t have a Janitor Ghostbuster in crew.

Now we have already described how to locate the Janitor Ghostbusters in your own hospital so it must not be a problem by now. But if you don’t have one, you can hire an outside Ghost Consultant. Though they charge more but it is really worth it!

Training Ghostbusters

There is yet another option available in which you will be able to train the crew of your hospital to be Janitor Ghostbuster. This specific option unlocks in the third hospital where you unlock Training Rooms.

So, you can either work in a haunted hospital until you unlock Training Rooms to train your own Janitor Ghostbusters, or you can simply hire an outside consultant.

The choice is yours but a tip from us is that hiring a Ghost Consultant from outside is the easier and more reliable option

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