How to Avoid Congestion in Two Point Hospital Guide

This in-depth guide talks about the congestion mechanic in Two Point Hospital, what its causes are and provides tips to avoid it.

Congestion is usually caused in Two Point Hospital when receiving patients more than you can handle efficiently. Sometimes the reason could be poor diagnosis as it can make patients move a lot which will play a part in increased congestion.

This guide will help you out with some of the best tips that you can follow for avoiding congestion in Two Point Hospital.

What Causes Congestion in Two Point Hospital

As mentioned earlier, the main causes of congestion are dealing with more patients than your capacity and poor diagnosis. The poor diagnosis makes the patient go for multiple diagnoses until the diagnosis is 100% complete.

Because of that, the number of patients returning from the hospital is much lower than new patients entering the hospital. This will lead to congestion if you don’t make a proper strategy.

How to Avoid Congestion in Two Point Hospital

You can take several steps to avoid congestion, as seen below.

Train Diagnostic Staff

The first thing you should do is train your diagnostics staff so they can diagnose illness quickly. This will lower the need for multiple diagnoses, thus helping you in treating the patient quickly and avoiding congestion.

Increase GP Offices

Increasing GP offices is another way to avoid congestion in Two Point Hospital, as sometimes GPs can diagnose a patient 100%. Simply place the medicine cabinet close to boost the diagnosis and treatment power in Two points hospital.

You can also upgrade your equipment for diagnosing the patient as early as possible and avoid congestion.

Focus on the Layout

The hospital layout is really important to avoid congestion in the hospital. You have to ensure that diagnosis rooms are close to each other, so patients don’t have to walk a lot.

One plot should be fixed for the diagnosis and another for the treatment if you don’t want to see the congestion problem. For the patient’s movements, ensure the walls are free from distraction and the corridor is at least 2 tiles wide.

Use Marketing Campaigns

You should use marketing campaigns to attract patients with more curable illnesses so you can treat them easily and not feel congested in the hospital.

If the patients with highly curable diseases are coming, they will be treated quickly and go home. This will maintain the balance between the number of patients entering the hospital and getting discharged.

If that number is balanced, you can easily avoid the congestion in Two Point Hospital.

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