Two Point Hospital Attractiveness Tips

You can read this detailed guide to find the best tips on how to increase Hospital Attractiveness in Two Point Hospital.

The Attractiveness Rating in Two Point Hospital signifies how outsiders view your Hospital. To maintain your Reputation, you must maintain it from time to time. You might face difficulties while increasing Hospital Attractiveness. You can read this guide to find the best tips to increase Hospital Attractiveness in Two Point Hospital.

How to Find Hospital Attractiveness in Specific Areas

Many items in the Hospital increase the Attractiveness of the Hospital. Each item covers a small area of hospital attractiveness around it. We also can find how much attractive area any specific item is covering.

You can find the Hospital Attractiveness in any area by going to the Data View tab and choosing Attractiveness. The greener any area is, the more attractive it is. For example, plants increase the Attractiveness of the Hospital, and the area around it will be green.

The intensity of green doesn’t affect the total Attractiveness of the Hospital, so don’t bother overlapping items in any specific area. But instead, try to cover every side of the Hospital with green color. This will result in more increase in overall Attractiveness.

Tips to Increase Hospital Attractiveness in Two Point Hospital


In Two Point Hospital, there are many items, and putting them in the Hospital will increase the Hospital’s Attractiveness. Plants are the cheapest and easiest to increase the Hospital’s Attractiveness among all the items.

Plants require regular watering, so do consider this when planting them. Otherwise, the Hospital’s Attractiveness will decrease when plants die of water starvation.


Yucca is a specie of plant in Two Point Hospital that will require less watering. The only drawback is that Yucca requires more space overall. Sunflowers and Rosebush are species of plants that cover more radius of Hospital Attractiveness, but they will require more money.

You have hundreds of thousands in the Two Point Hospital. So, the most expensive plant will not be an issue for you. The best choice is to go for Sunflower, which covers most ground and requires less watering.


If you are looking for an item that will increase the Hospital’s Attractiveness but doesn’t require a lot of space to put, Posters are the right choice for you. Because they go on the wall, Posters will not disturb any foot traffic of patients and staff.

The Posters will not require any maintenance; once you put them on the wall, you can forget about them. The only drawback of the Posters is that they cover a very less radius of the Hospital’s Attractiveness.


Fountains are the right choice for you if you are looking for an item that will cover a big radius of the Hospital’s Attractiveness. There are two drawbacks to using the Fountains for Hospital Attractiveness.

The first one is that Fountains will disturb a lot of foot traffic because patients will stop to see the Fountain. The second one is that Fountains require a lot of space to put in the Hospital.

Trophy Cases

The Trophy cases are not the best option concerning Posters. Two Posters will require the same space to put as one Trophy Case. But a Trophy Case will cover less ground in Hospital’s Attractiveness than two Posters.

Removing Negative Attractiveness Items

The items that act as Negative Hospital Attractiveness are Filled Trash Bins and Clogged Toilets. Clogged Toilets will create more big problems than Negative Hospital Attractiveness as patients will use the entire Hospital as toilets and make a very dirty situation.

To avoid Filled Trash Bins and Clogged Toilets, you can hire more janitors and put more bins throughout the Hospital. You can also put Big Bins in the hotspot areas. Don’t put Toxic Waste Bin anywhere; they fill up faster than normal bins.

Hiring More Janitors

The basic work of the Janitors is to maintain cleanliness, so hiring more Janitors will work your way to increase the Hospital’s Attractiveness. Meanwhile, they can regularly water plants and keep the bins empty.

This will indirectly increase the Hospital’s Attractiveness. Also, ensure that all the Janitors are competent enough to extinguish any fire on the Hospital Premises.

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