Two Point Campus VR Lab Guide

The VR Lab is where students of Virtual Normality must go to complete their classes and assignments. It is hence a mandatory room requirement if you are looking to add the Virtual Normality course on your campus.

The following guide will quickly walk you through all there is to know about the VR Lab in Two Point Campus.

How To Unlock VR Lab

VR Lab is one of the first academic facilities to unlock in the game. You will be able to add a VR Lab as soon as you unlock the Virtual Normality course in Freshleigh Meadows, the first campus that you will be running.

VR Lab Requirements

You will need $35,100 to build a VR Lab on your campus, making it a fairly expensive room to consider during the early game.

It has a minimum size requirement of 5×4 and can accommodate up to eight students at maximum.

You will also need a teacher to lead the VR class, someone who has Virtual Normality qualifications.

Lastly, your VR Lab will be incomplete without a VR Platform. This costs another $25,000 which will further balloon your overall cost of running a VR Lab.

Best VR Lab Items And Rooms

There are a number of items that you can place in your VR Lab. They are likewise pretty expensive, but you will have to consider them nonetheless to ensure students are kept happy.

  • VR Projector: It increases Learning Power by 2% and costs $15,000.
  • VR Headset: It increases Learning Power by 2% and costs $4,000.

VR Lab Tips

  • Setting up a VR Lab is going to cost almost $100,000 in the end. Hence, think twice about what you are adding to the lab.
  • Build a larger lab from the start to accommodate more students. You’re already investing so much. You may as well make it bigger to have more students.

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