Two Point Campus Virtual Normality Course Guide

In this guide we will go over and help you ace the Virtual Normality course, one of the earliest courses, in Two Point Campus.

In Two Point Campus, there are a total of 14 courses on offer. With that wide range of courses, it is quite possible to lose track. To help out with that, this Two Point Campus guide will explain all about the Virtual Normality Course. The Virtual Normality course is primarily a VR-based course that focuses on students delving deep into the metaverse in order to determine whether the virtual realm is more interesting than our own.

Virtual Normality is the second course available in Two Point Campus. The Virtual Normality course becomes available as you progress through Freshleigh Meadows. In fact, it is unlocked during the Freshleigh Meadows tutorial section.

Virtual Normality Requirements

Virtual Normality Course costs 30 points and is a three-year course with a medium difficulty level. The course typically costs $7,500 in tuition.

Before the students on your campus can enroll in the Virtual Normality course in 2 Point Campus, you need to meet the following requirements.

  • VR Lab
  • Lecture Theatre
  • Virtual Normality Qualified Teacher

To begin, you’ll need a Virtual Normality-qualified teacher to lead the course. When you unlock this course, you will have a working Lecture Theatre, but you will need to create one for VR Lab. However, keep in mind that the VR lab is the most expensive in the early game, costing $30,000. Before you even start talking to a student, you’ll have spent close to $100,000.

When it comes to staff members, some will be less expensive than others due to their abilities, so there is a chance for modest savings here. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile to pay the extra to elicit better performance from your students, thereby improving the reputation of your campus.


Virtual Normality Classes

The following classes are required by Virtual Normality students in 2 Point Campus each year to graduate.

1st Year

VR Lab
Two classes and lectures during the first year will require students to utilize the VR Lab: Seeing & Believing: Not The Same Thing and Trip Then Fall: VR Health & Safety.

Lecture Theatre
The third available class, Fake vs. Real: Telling The Difference, during first year takes place in the Lecture Theater.

2nd Year

VR Lab
For the second year again, you are looking at two lectures in the VR Lab; I’m Awake: Lucid Daydreams alongside Conquering the Virtual Realm.

Lecture Theatre
The third class of 2nd year of Virtual Normality takes place in Lecture Theatre. Students will indulge in If It’s Not Real, It Can’t Hurt You lessons.

3rd Year

VR Lab
For the third year again, you are looking at two lectures in the VR Lab; Making Things Blue: Editing Reality and Hyper-reality: Boy, That’s Real.

Lecture Theatre
The third available class, Who Even Knows: What’s Real and What is the Deal?, during third year takes place in the Lecture Theater.

Virtual Normality Assignments

Here’s a list of assignments for the Virtual Normality Course.

Specialist Book Report
Requires: Virtual Normality Bookcase

Requires: VR Projector

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